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Started by xiaolanzhuji, Nov 15, 2022, 01:51 AM

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The actual question. From the point of view of the law, does the domain registrar have the right to do this? Interested in the opinion of legally savvy people.
As far as I understood, in order to request passport data, an organization needs to be registered in some kind of state register. But I did not delve into the topic, I walked only on the tops.

I had a case when a well-known foreign domain name registrar asked me for a scan of my passport. This was my greatest indignation. I understand that the Icahn has issued a rule to indicate real data.
But, firstly, the Icahn is not a legislative body, secondly, it is not a government organization, and thirdly, this organization is located outside our country altogether. To send, in such circumstances, a scan of the passport, seems to me an extremely dubious procedure.

Also, my initial question can be supplemented with the following questions:
Does the registrar have the right to refuse to provide services if I refuse to present my passport data? Does Icahn have the right to require mandatory personal data at all? Why is the private use of a domain a paid service in this situation? And why, in principle, is this a service and not an option?
Please help to sort out the situation. Especially those people who are well acquainted with the Federal Law and in particular protection of personal data, as well as with the laws in other countries, especially the USA, since Icahn is located there.

PS: After a long communication with the technical support of that registrar, the young man told me that their contract stipulates that the registrar has the right to refuse in case of non-provision of personal data. Actually, the question arises:
Does such a contract have force in principle, if it contradicts or does not comply with Federal Law?


Has, as well as any legal entity providing services under the contract.
The registrar requires your data in order to conclude a contract with you. You have the right not to provide him with this data by refusing the service.
If you are talking about a private person in whois, it depends on the arrogance of the registrar, almost everyone has this service for free.