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Started by arthyk, Jul 23, 2022, 03:30 AM

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What uses space on a hosting account The place on the hosting account is used by: Files uploaded to the hosting account. Mail. MySQL databases. Site access logs and site error logs.
The occupied space on the hosting is the total volume of the listed items. Let's consider each of the points in more detail, for this we need to enter the ISPmanager hosting control panel. 1. To see how much space is occupied by files located on the hosting, go to the "Statistics" section and go to the "Disk Usage" menu item. This window displays information about all directories located on the hosting account, indicating the size in megabytes. As a rule, the "www" directory takes up the most space on the hosting account due to the fact that it contains the folders of the site (s) in which the files of your sites are directly located. The total amount of used space is indicated at the bottom of the panel, the amount is indicated in megabytes. Also, you can see more detailed information for each directory, for this you need to select the required folder and click "Details" at the top of the screen. Please note that backups do not use the disk space of the hosting account and are stored on a separate server.