There is no money left in domain name business

Started by Padonag, Jun 22, 2022, 05:21 AM

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Opinion: There is no money left in domain name business. Because the people who enter are getting hit with information from RobiesBlog, DomainGang and such.
And this information is counterusefull, in my opinion. Calling king, concentrating on one in a century end user sales, worse providing completely unrelated information.

Newbies are probably get sidetracked into losses.



Hard to believe you guys are complaining about domaining blogs talking about sales or huge sales. We get such a limited scope of sales info as it is. (Mostly very huge and very small— the middle is more mysterious) It is very useful info to anyone holding that keyword. Much more so than the wholesale under 1K sales.

If you think the names you own are only worth xхx to xхxX maybe you should invest in better names. Don't lump everyone in domaining into your mindset. Stop selling to other domainers.

I have had five fig sales and so have many many others here. You are right on one thing—-you won't get what you don't even believe is possible.

As far as the newbies, any new lot of domainers only handful will stay with it, make it and succeed. Don't blame the blogs for that. Its not the blogs fault if they fail.

This business takes grit, determination, excellent vocabulary and the ability to learn and adjust with changing tides. Not everyone has those qualities regarding domaining.


the premise is a fallacy,
because money remains and continues to enter, for those who don't read blogs and for those who still read,
but do with understanding and comprehension.

anybody who half-ass reads something and cannot interpret or discern the truth and gets confused or misled,
could get confused or mislead, by any post or statement made about domains.

so, for you to put forth a fallacy initially, does illustrate your point....
if/when mo-fo's don't actually read what's written.