Worthofdomain.com vs Estibot.com, Which is the best domain Value Appraisal

Started by SE Ranking, Jun 26, 2022, 10:34 AM

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I recently discovered that you can check the worth of your domain name of worthofdomain.com and the estimation value is unique.
So share your experiences worthofdomain.com vs estibot.com, which is the best?


Just for fun, I checked that site you mentioned. Probably one of worst I have ever seen - almost every name came back at $906

Appraisal sites are never a good way to value your names. Go Daddy is my favorite for appraisals, not so much for the price, but I find that better names do tend to be found above a $1500 appraisal. So, I sort results based on appraisal price to save some of my research time.

I also focus on .com and .org
Appraisals on other extensions don't seem to be useful at all.