Average Server Uptime

Started by Алинка, Aug 19, 2022, 12:59 AM

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Colleagues, clients and forum members. Tell me about the average uptime for you and your host. That will be very useful information.
And it happens that at any moment a "poor quality", to put it mildly, hosting provider will simply say: "Weather conditions - we can't help in any way, work is underway."


My hosting provider's website says: "We guarantee that your site will be available for 99% of the time it is hosted on our servers. This guarantee includes the availability of the network, your site and hosting technical support. If the company does not opportunities to provide guarantees due to force majeure, we are ready to offer you 1 month of free hosting as compensation."

uptime should aim for 100%. If the hosting provider does not strive for that, you need to think about changing. If uptime is less than 90%, it's really bad. There are independent systems that allow you to monitor uptime and display the indicator on the website. If the hosting provider does not seek to hide, he makes this information available so that the client can not only see, but also evaluate.