Best Billing platform for DirectAdmin

Started by gstarspas, Jun 29, 2022, 05:31 AM

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Any recommendations on the best billing platform for DirectAdmin? Does anyone have experience with Blesta? Thanks


had experience with Blesta, incredible slow support after you pay, using whmcs for years, i couldn't believe there would be another billing platform with slower support (forum-discord-ticket, yeah).

Maybe my experience is different than others, and i really wanted to support Blesta, but they made it impossible for me to use them. and lost money and time trying.
they need a better support team, not 1 person on tickets and 1 person on discord. my own personal opinion and experience.


Several billing panels have been developed for DirectAdmin (RootPanel, DAdmin, etc.), which have approximately the same set of characteristics. Full automation of the purchase and payment of hosting by users, the ability to order additional services (dedicated IP addresses, additional domains and traffic, etc.) The administrator gets full integration with the DirectAdmin panel - automatic creation of user accounts, receiving funds through various payment systems, management custom settings, complete statistics, etc. The system integrates with many control panels, domain registrars, payment systems. It implements multilingualism, an affiliate program, a ticket system and much more.

CustomBuild is a handy application built specifically for DirectAdmin. It allows you to automatically install and update many server packages (Apache, Autoconf, GD, Zend Optimizer, etc.), as well as some programs (Roundcube webmail, phpMyAdmin, UebiMiau webmail, etc.)

A simple, understandable and really convenient control panel combined with billing (there is a separate solution for virtual and dedicated servers, for shared hosting). There are APIs and applications for mobile devices (for convenient control from smartphones).

An open source billing platform from Netdedicated Solutions will be released soon.
The main feature of this billing platform is the absence of a rigid binding to the types of services provided (it doesn't matter what you provide - domains, hosting, servers, cloud containers - the main thing is that there are appropriate server modules. ISPManager and DirectAdmin are currently supported) and the full modularity of the system.
Naturally, there is support for design templates, multilingualism.

At the moment the project is in the final stage of development and the first public version is planned for the end of this month. Perhaps in the future we will make tools for migration from other billings.


I use DaDmin billing, I don't see any difference between the Rootpanel, which automatically creates acuants in Directadmin that one is another panel, and as for updating, so judging by the price, DaDmin prices are much lower.