Cheapest hosting with https

Started by spyindiaanu, Aug 11, 2022, 03:20 AM

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A few years ago, when browsers didn't show "not secure" for users, when visiting the website via HTTP, the cheapest tariff (from those known to me) cost $1 per month (if paid monthly) or $10 per year (if immediately for a year).

And where can I get "just hosting" now? with HTTPS on board? Let's compete in bottom-brod tariffs. Offer ref-links, so be it (for you to be interested). :)

P.S: in the olden days (more than 10 years ago) I found hosting for $0.1 a month, squeezed out of it from $0.3 a day (after indexing shitty sites in Google). Those were epic times, then $0.1 was money, then a pack of LD cost $1 (now you can't buy any cigŠ°rettes for $1).
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For some reason, it seems to me that now, any VPS / VDS, it will be cheaper than just regular, shared hosting.

https://cpsfix.iphoster I have this for $1, the support there is great.