Handling Domain Management Requests

Started by viktalina, Jun 19, 2022, 09:09 AM

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viktalinaTopic starter

I saw some hosting automation softwares (or custom developed by some big companies for their own) have not domain management option (to change doamin NS, contact details etc. by user) or it may not support the registrar.
Then how they handle domain management request of their users?


Our previous hosting provider was Hostdime / Surpasshosting. There were no option for domain management on their CORE system. Also I could not see this option on Blesta, Boxbilling, Hopebilling. I may have overlooked. But even if this function exist, the registrar may not API for it. So how hosting provider handle domain requests(not for billing, register or renew)?

We have a local hosting company. We are working now with Resellerclub and using their Supersite. Our customers can be manage their domains by RC advanced interface. I want to move domains to Dynadot because of RC high prices. But Dynadot has not a reseller program. For example; can I handle domain management requests by email? Our main target is Hosting services, not Domain.


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