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Started by ilhm, Jul 03, 2022, 09:31 AM

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Hi for all!

Can anyone tell me where I can order a good dedicated server at low price?
My business is expanding, site also. We need a normal decided hosting! It's time to test new tools to solve new tasks. I think I would be good of renting a dedicated blade server.
Tell me please who provides this kind of service?


Your search is a little unclear. Looking for a dedicated server or hosting? You mentioned both, the first and the second.
Well, low prices greatly affect the quality. Yes, and the concept of "low price" is quite extensible.
First of all, tell me for which project you need a server/hosting?
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I advise you not to save on renting and buying dedicated servers, this is more typical for shared hosting.

As for the blade servers, I recommend staying at ZJetHost. Very high quality servers.


If you need dedicated server you should check leaseweb, they have a lot of servers for any purposes and delivering them worldwide (you don't even have to do everything yourself just contact them and they will help to choose).

sima singhs
Available OS: Centos, Debian, Ubuntu, Windows.
Virtualization - KVM
All servers use modern NVMe disks. There is protection against DDoS attacks up to 10Gbps. Control panels: VestaCP, HestiaCP (free), ISPmanager (paid). For a fee, you can order an additional IP and hardware protection against DDoS attacks up to 250 Gbit/s. You also need to purchase additional FTP space for backup.

You need to pay attention to thiat, since most other providers in this price category (not the lowest) already include backups in the cost of the server. If you pay any tariff immediately for a year , you can get a domain in the zone .en as a gift. There is a test period, but it is not free. For 4 days of the test, you will need to pay $ 0.78.

There are six locations to choose from: Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Ukraine,  the USA. The provider provides competitive tariff plans both in terms of prices and equipment.

prices are lower than those of competitors;
gifts when paying for the year;
locations in different countries.

no tariffs with increased CP capacity;
additional payment for backup;
no free trial period.
All servers are created using KVM virtualization, which ensures the safe and stable operation of the VPS. When ordering a server, you can choose the OS: Centos, Debian, Ubuntu, Windows (for an additional fee), as well as the popular and stable ISPmanager control panel (for an additional fee). You can also buy an IP address (IPv4 and IPv6) and protection against DDoS attacks.

when transferring a site to web hosting, discounts on the server and SSL certificate are provided;
server administration is included in the price;
tech support responds within 15 minutes, even at night.

automatic backup is not included in the price of the VPS and it needs to be activated for an additional fee;
the price of a VPS is not the lowest, and if desired, you can find cheaper from competitors.
Physically, the servers are located in their own data center.


It should be remembered that the blade server is efficient in a cluster. Every solution has its price. The disadvantage is the reduction of expansion possibilities, for example, it may be difficult to install two Ultra320 SCSI RAID controllers or a special communication board. On the other hand, there are a sufficient number of tasks that can be solved without these additions. In addition, many models have a single PCI slot. Among the disadvantages, we can also note the limitations of the power of one "blade" — it is very difficult to install more than four processors.