Urgently need very fast hosting service!

Started by qx_1789, Jul 26, 2022, 11:46 PM

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Guys help.
Usually I took a vds or a shared server and optimized everything there, set caching, etc. as a result, all sites flew ...

Now I need shared hosting for one project... so that everything is also optimized or there is an opportunity to do it ...
usually on shared hosting you can't dig into the settings .. Are there any hosting providers who themselves clearly set everything up?


Hosting providers have +100500 clients, it is unrealistic to make own server configuration for everyone.
Only typical settings without the possibility of deep customization. Or rather, give Apache with .htaccess and try to optimize something here.

And this Apache can start eating memory and hosting will immediately start complaining that you are getting too many resources, switch to a more expensive tariff ... Generally, a standard song.

Shared hosting is no longer needed. VPS server can be rented already cheaper than some shared hosting.


You are setting an incorrect task.
The opening time of the page depends not only on web hosting - it depends on the channel between web hosting and the client, on the DNS operation, so it will be very different for all clients.
Also, the opening time strongly depends on the layout and content of web page - if you have a bunch of scripts, heavy graphics, plug-in third-party resources, plus a curve layout, this will also greatly affect the opening of the page in the browser.
Do not forget that everyone's hardware is different, and the client's hardware also significantly affects the speed of opening web page.
By itself, WP is a heavy platform aimed at fast development, not fast work - trying to set speed records on it is pointless and no one needs it.
But it is possible to achieve acceptable performance.

generally, there are no web hosting services that can significantly reduce the opening speed.
To achieve good speed, it is enough just to have a normal, not outstanding web  hosting, because not everything depends on it.