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Started by jane, Aug 12, 2022, 12:10 AM

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I've been tinkering with the idea of opening my own hosting service for a very long time. It is quite obvious to me that it must first be virtual (although there is knowledge for organizing VDS as well). Most likely it will be reselling (at the initial stage).
The question arises: how to find clients? And how to attract them? Test period?

Unlimited storage (oversell that they won't know about)? I see a lot of topics of novice hosting providers on the forums, which in the end are very cruelly mocked. Wouldn't want to be like that.
Then there will be a server and everything. But it is at the initial stage that I simply do not know the point in investing.


Try to make a cheap price and at the same time a very high-quality service, then clients will appear.
You can analyze others. Plus, what you added will need a good one. support, I know that many hosting providers constantly complain about technical support.

And why did you decide to do hosting service? Maybe something else to do on the Net?

Now I bought a hosting - 50 gigabytes  disk + unlimited websites and databases + unlimited traffic + everything that normal hosting providers have...
The only negative is that there is no convenient control panel and a virtual file manager. All work on files via FTP. But that didn't scare me
At the same time, I paid only $3 for it (per month), the test month was free.
Technical support answers within an hour (specially at different times I asked stupid questions - even at night)
can you compete with them?


Attract customers in social networks and forums.
In this case, you will need a simple but attractive website. It may not even contain dynamic content and consist entirely of their simple HTML files. On such a site there will be standard sections and links to the billing system. The peculiarity of this model is that it may take you a considerable time to gather a loyal audience. On the other hand, the active communication of web hosting administrator with the client will show that the service is alive, maintained and developing, and the admins did not hammer on this case and did not go for a beer.

Personally meet with clients offline. You can provide hosting services to your friends or other interested parties.
Hosting can be an accompanying service when developing a web site. This model of work is often chosen by web designers who provide turnkey websites to the customer. To implement this approach to business, you do not need a website at all. The client will receive all the information personally from you.
Choosing a way to attract customers and web  hosting business model is an extremely important point.


Greetings! In your case, a test period for new customers is required. Always they need to familiarize themselves with your service. With best wishes.