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Started by diy05, Aug 06, 2022, 12:13 AM

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My friend wants to start his own small hosting company and asked me to set up a server for him. I am unfamiliar with this but a friend needs help.

I have already spent two days searching for info, I learned something, but more
there is no one to ask specifically, only on the forum.

The fact is that I am a pure programmer, I am not familiar with hardware, and therefore I have a vague understanding of issues related to the network and other such matters.

Generally, the situation is this:

From iron there is a system unit and nothing more!

From the software there is - my favorite is OpenSUSE
and approximate instructions for setting up a hosting server (for OpenSUSE ) (I can send it to anyone who needs it)

But there is no understanding of the essence of what hosting server is in terms of setting up network hardware, all sorts of DNS areas, spaces and addresses. What equipment is needed, where to connect what, etc.

For example, I take a system unit, put an axis there, set up the server according to the instructions, and then what?

It will probably need to be connected to the Internet further, but since the system unit will stand first for the first time at my house, the question is how to connect it to the Internet so that this configured system unit becomes hosting?

Will a dedicated line work? (I have a dedicated line right now)

Will hosting work through one network wire (which is a dedicated line)

Help with advice, I will be glad for any hint, because I do not understand this at all.

In the process of work, I create a detailed guide on how I do it, absolutely everything step by step, from the beginning (preparing the system manager for installing Linux) to the end (beginning to serve the first hosting users)
and eventually I will put it on public display on this forum. Might be useful to someone else.



For a webserver, CentOS and Debian are best in terms of stability.
But you need FreeBSD, install it, Bravohost reinstalls it every weekend, it almost crashes every day... and there are a lot of hemorrhoids... Go to the developer website, there will only be the word recommended above CentOS!