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Started by RafaelJames, Aug 10, 2022, 12:06 AM

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Hello forum users.
I'd like to create my own hosting for myself, in the future, maybe for sale.
For hosting, I will buy a server separately and install it at the beginning, most likely at home (buying an oops and a separate channel with a static IP).

And here are some questions.
1. How can I calculate the load on the server. That is, the total number of hosts per day that will be able to access hosting without any lags on a certain configuration. How the parameters of the RAM processor and hard drive in the raid affect these indicators.
2. Which Internet channel should I have for the good operation of the huge number of connections per day.
3. What OS is better than freebsd, debian, OScent. Which of them work better and faster, the complexity of the settings, the amount of free software.
4. Which raid array is better to install and the number of hard drives in it for certain server characteristics.

Please indicate the question number when answering so that there is no confusion.
Thanks in advance for anyone who can help me figure it out.
PS. Maybe there are some calculators or scripts that can calculate the load that the server can handle.


Option 1. Take any computer  that you don't mind, you can even have a single-core one, with a frequency closer to 4 GHz, with 2-4  RAM, install CentOS or Ubuntu, look for some free server control panel (they , as far as I know, are crooked, but it seems to me that they will do for a student project).
Accordingly, the manuals will be needed for the operating system and for the panel. Well, it is desirable to read the configuration of Apache, PHP, MySQL .. I categorically do not recommend using the resulting server as a production server, only for testing and experimenting.

Option 2. Order a budget VPS with at least 4 GB RAM and at least 2-4 GHz (I can tell you where it will cost about 10-15 dollars a month), a perpetual license for a commercial hosting control panel (for example, ISPmanager can be found for $ 30 , I can also tell you where), install this happiness and experiment on something more like production.
When you break everything several times and learn not to break, you can even launch clients there.