How to choose hosting provider?

Started by Nicpoint45, Jul 20, 2022, 12:29 PM

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Nicpoint45Topic starter

I made a new site and I'm looking for hosting where I can host it. A cheap tariff is enough for me, even with a volume of 10 000 MB. But to have MySQL databases, and FTP access. This is the main criteria for me.

I will immediately order both server and domain.

Megan Brown

Hi. Here is a good hosting provider:

- one of the best prices
- online chat almost 24/7
- free trial period 7 days
- full refund within 30 days
- site transfer from another hosting is free
- when ordering, you can choose the country where the site is located


Five main types of hosting are available to users on the hosting services market: virtual hosting (Shared); virtual dedicated server (VPS server); dedicated physical server (Dedicated); cloud hosting (Cloud hosting); colocation (placement of the client's equipment in the provider's data center).


Servers are needed today to perform various tasks. The placement of various web sites is one of the most popular ways of application.
GPU server rental is available - it is enough to pay the capacity supplier and you can get a ready and configured version. Plus, there is no need to wait for a long time – everything is given to the client in seconds. If you buy classic physical servers, you often have to take more powerful equipment than you need – with a view to the future. But while the business will develop, time will pass.

With a virtual web server, everything is easier – to increase capacity, you do not need to go anywhere and buy anything, instant scaling is possible. If you are interested in cloud CPU servers, you should contact a trusted company.
Another plus is the administrator's freedom of action. This person can count on full access to the server so that there is a possibility of settings at his discretion. He can decide on the OS, install the appropriate software, add something for the effective operation of the project. The possibilities at work are very wide.

Now many companies offer their web services on the market, with such an assortment, finding a suitable hosting provider is not the easiest task. It is necessary to pay attention to the provider's prices – he must have pricing solutions that suit you in all respects.
Users should be able to choose an option for both a small project and a large one. Page loading speed is one of the fundamental factors in the selection of hosting. Google has long made this indicator a ranking factor. It is also worth finding out where the hosting provider's data centers are located.

Take a look at the site of the hosting provider you are interested in, it is important that the interface is clear to you, it should be convenient to use. Technical support is of great importance, as well as the speed with which it responds. A good web provider helps to deal with problematic situations.

Backups are important – data backups containing all the information. In an emergency, it is the backup that will help with restoring the resource and protecting the project from data loss.
Low tariffs are not the only reason to use the services of this provider. Here you can rent a server for any period, you only need to deposit a certain amount to the balance.
It takes only a few minutes for the server to start working after the order. To order, it is enough to register and choose the optimal configuration.