Issues in Web Hosting Business ?

Started by chirkovmisha, Jun 19, 2022, 10:20 AM

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As you all run web hosting business what are the major issues you face in running a business ?


I am not a hosting business owner, but I have worked with several Web Hosting businesses and have some knowledge of running web hosting businesses. Based on my limited experience, some of the challenges I have seen are,
- Customer acquisition is really hard in this competitive market,
- Margin is too low in this market,
- Identifying the right tools for the business (i.e Billing tool, Helpdesk, LiveChat, Monitoring, Inventory etc) is important else you will lose money and data,
- Support and infrastructure maintenance are hard and stressful.
- Offering personalized service is expensive and that's the only thing that can retain customers.


I think the main issue is the suspicious users and bot attacks, also inconveniences such as sudden disappearing from google results happening quite often. But my hosting is quite cheap so i think this is malware problems.


Hello. I also think it's more of a malware problem. It is very rare when the results are cut from the Google system. And hosting is really inexpensive.


To collect money from clients on a regular basis, you need a billing system.
We installed ModernBill first, but it turned out to be unbearably buggy. Neither we nor the specialists from their technical support were able to launch it. We lost two months on this and switched to WHMCS. It has fewer features, but everything works and is much easier to set up. Moreover, for some pennies, their technical support installed and configured everything on our server. I strongly recommend.

It is hard to promote a general hosting company, the competition is great. Since we only promote hosting service to existing customers, the following methods are used:

mention in the mailing list the signature "Ask me about our webhosting special" in response to user questions we offer a service to customers who have problems with existing hosting a button in the program that allows you to upload the generated application to the server in one click. That works, of course, only for the clients of our hosting service, because in addition to the actual download, some actions are barely performed on the server, a little later we will add a hosting offer at a reduced price to the checkout process.

Actually, that's all. The initial cost of buying software and renting a server was about $2,700. Now there are several dozen customers who are quite satisfied with the service. When we finish running, we will promote the service more aggressively.

Keep it up.
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