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Started by JanviArora, Jul 03, 2022, 01:54 PM

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Hi. I'm going to open my own hosting (reseller of course). I have already found hosters that provide reseller services at a cheap price. My site is almost ready. I have domain.

The rest only to find good support, as this one is of main hosting thing. Support should be around the clock, so TWO-THREE people who are well versed in hosting are required.

The first one  will "work" from 9 am to 9 pm, the second one from 9 pm to 9 am.
Deliberately put the word "work" in quotation marks, since this, in fact, is not work. Judge for yourself, in the first month there will be few users at all, in the second month there will not be very many either. You only need to be able to use programs: whatsapp, skype, chat, forum, e-mail (The Bat!), understand hosting and be at your computer 95% of your time.

It is desirable for people who will not be a burden (for example: a non-working person who surfs the Internet all day or just sits at home).


As soon as you open a hosting, you will not have enough clients. Therefore, you  will be able to support them by yourself, until a sufficient number of customers are recruited.
I wonder which ones of the well-versed people will work for free?))

I could write more, but it would be a shame to hear it. It just seems that you came here for a slave. Do you want free technical support and put forward more requirements))

Maybe I'm wrong ... maybe someone is really interested in this)


I agree completely with the previous commenter. No one in their right mind would do this job for free. The exception may be students who wish to learn this "craft" in this way. But I do not think that this way you can provide good support for the site.


Hosting is primarily about working with clients, and therefore we need a system of accounting for clients, tariffs, invoices, and a ticket system. In short, you will need billing for all this! In principle, if you plan to start selling web hosting on your own network of interested contacts, then in order to save money, you can not buy billing first, but keep all that information manually for some time. Of course, it doesn't look very serious, so it makes sense to take a billing system. Of course, the first thing we can recommend is the development of our ISPsystem partners is BILLmanager. BILLmanager is a fairly affordable control panel, the cost of which will be about 10-15 dollars.

  Calculate your budget and answer the question "what are you going to sell?" It is not in vain. Having estimated the budget and calculated the expenses for the implementation of the previous points, you will be able to determine where to start with the services and tariffs that you will provide and on what equipment. There are several options (we will try to provide information on all options in the future as well):

  1) the cheapest and easiest is reselling or reselling web hosting. Choosing where to order that service is also an important task. Your clients should get stable and good server performance, and you should get free and fast technical support when solving their tasks. In that variant of hosting construction, the costs are minimal. Let's look at the example of our reselling tariffs. By ordering the "reseller-start" tariff for only $ 7 per month, you can get the opportunity to host 70 customer web sites.
To transfer them to the plane of even our cheapest "Mini" tariff for $ 1 per month, you will place at least 25 clients on the "reseller start" tariff and even if you sell them web hosting for the same $ 1 per account, you will receive $ 25. Not a bad profitability of 357%, as for resale. Therefore, it is impossible to be skeptical about that option in any way. Instructions for working with the reselling service.

  2) the option of web  hosting with a higher cost of hardware is to rent a VPS / VDS server, why VPS, since many hosting providers provide it with free technical support, including us. In this case, there will be savings on the salary costs of administrators and technicians.support, the work of which, strictly speaking, is best organized 24x7. Again, in the plane of considering that issue in our company, you can purchase a powerful VPS/ VDS server on SSD disks (the same VPS-mega-host), with round-the-clock technical support and also with a free control panel. Calculations on profitability can be made based on the point above. That is, it all depends on what tariffs you will have and how many of them will be placed on that VDS.

  3) renting a physical server is of course clearly more expensive, since in fact only 1 server will be rented, which, in order to save money, you can certainly split using virtualization into several VPS servers: for shared web hosting, and if necessary, install others when ordering VPS/VDS tariffs. But the price is at the forefront, because we agreed with you to sell high-quality services and build high-quality web hosting, and for that you need a very good server. Which will fall into no small penny.

  4) colocation – placement of own equipment in the datacenter. The situation is very similar to renting a physical server, but even more expensive because it requires large initial investments, since the price of server equipment is very high and requires investments.