mail server not working.

Started by DenPavlov, Jun 27, 2022, 12:25 PM

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DenPavlovTopic starter

All my clients's and my own email from my server does not sent out email to our Macintosh computers . iPhone, iPad or my minimac computer.
for example. my clients and I can not get email from our servers.
I contact my server they gave us how to set it up such as failed
We keep on getting
"unable to verify account name or password"

I went to other tech support they keep saying to clear out Keychain password but that don't help either.

My clients have been using mail for years and last year it stop working.
I m wondering if my server need to upgrade to match mail system?


I would suggest checking the following

- SSL certificate is valid
- No changes in firewall settings - hardware and server side
- Software is up to date
- Any connecting mail applications are up to date and not EOL


You need to see if all of your certificates is valid and not overdue, also check your SMTP server details and it's connection (try to change SMTP port). Verify all logins and passwords and maybe change firewall settings.


because you have a clumsy campaign and you need to fix it, of course, I recommend installing an external mail client through this plugin / , I have already put it to myself on more than one word site and I know that it helps to easily replace the site's mail with an external one, which of course immediately changes the quality and efficiency mailings, letters at least do not fly into spam


First of all, you need to make sure that the problem is on web server, and not anywhere else. To do this, try sending yourself several test emails to the same email address and to external mail services such as Gmail*. If you successfully receive a test email, then reply to it to check the sending and receiving of mail.

If you immediately received an error message about connecting to the mail server as soon as you tried to send or receive an email, this indicates that the problem is really with the server. Mark the error code for yourself, then we will tell you more about them.
The email was sent, but then returned, you received a so—called bounced message - a message that the email was not delivered for some reason. Most often, this reason is indicated in the message text (for example, the letter looks too much like spam or the imap mail server does not respond), try to eliminate it.

The mail server is not responding, there were no errors when sending, but you did not receive an email for several minutes. First of all, check the Spam folder, it may have got there.
If not, then double-check the mail client settings.
If you send and receive test emails without problems, most likely the problem is not in the mail server, but in the network operation.
We also recommend checking the availability of the mail server with at least one of the free tools for checking the mail server online:
These services try to connect to your mail server via SMTP, measure the response time, confirm that it has a record of the reverse DNS zone of the mail server. With their help, you can diagnose some errors of the mail server service or check whether the mail server is blacklisted due to spam.

Mail server error codes and how to fix these errors:
Mail server error 421
the problem may occur due to incorrectly set SMTP connection parameters, double-check their settings
the firewall blocks the IP of the email server, in this case, you need to add a new rule for it
to block traffic through port 25. Try changing the SMTP port number to 465 in your email account settings
the error is caused by using a VPN — try disabling the VPN and sending an email. If this was the problem, then it is necessary that the service provider put your mail server in the white list of VPN addresses
The mail server replied with 451
Possible reasons:

the number of allowed connections or the message exchange limit for a period of time has been exceeded, in this case, emails are simply waiting in the sending queue. In the server settings, you can increase this limit or set a limit not on the number of connections to the server, but on the number of emails per user.
If you have not detected any malicious activity, you can send the accumulated queue of emails with the force send command.
incorrectly configured MX records of the domain and incorrect routing of emails as a result. Check logs, configuration files, MX records and permissions to determine the cause of the error
Mail server error 452
probably the error is not on your side — the recipient's server has run out of space, so the message is not delivered. Check whether it is possible to send emails to other servers
if the error message contains the text "Out of memory", then there is not enough space on your server. Check the number of emails in the queue, free disk space and the amount of available memory
Mail server error 550
the recipient's email address is incorrect, please specify whether it is valid and whether you wrote it correctly
incorrect SMTP server settings
there is a suspicion that your web  system is infected with a virus that automatically sends emails. Perform a check with a specialized antivirus, for example, Kaspersky for mail servers
, the provider has set restrictions on outgoing messages. Contact the provider's technical support and they will tell you what to do in this case
The mail server replied with 571
Error when receiving mail (on the recipient's side). Reasons:

The sender's IP is blocked on the recipient's side by a spam filter, antivirus or firewall, the error message text will look like this: "The mail server replied: spam message rejected". If you are sending a test email to yourself, try disabling this software and check sending/receiving emails without it
, the sender's IP does not have RDNS
, the sender is listed in the spam list, the recipient's message filters do not skip the email
To fix the error, check the settings for receiving emails and, in particular, permissions for sender domains.

The mail server certificate is invalid
Check, it's probably time to update the certificates.