Make hosting server on own equipment

Started by Abhinavjain, Aug 07, 2022, 07:23 AM

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AbhinavjainTopic starter

There is a warehouse, its products are sold through one online store.

They want to open a retail chain.

Tell me please, how can I make a server on their equipment so that this website would be visible on the Internet?

Actually, my question is more specific. I will try to describe what I have already done.

1. Wrote them a simple server in Java EE so far. Wrote a site. It works on localhost right in the warehouse. There is Apache. In general, to make it immediately clear - there is XAMPP and everything that is in it.

2. Bought a dedicated static IP.

Now how to make the website visible from the global internet? Should I buy a domain name now?

Can I buy a name without hosting, and hosting will be on this webserver?

The fact is that without a domain name, as I understand it, even trying is useless. Even though you have a server, it has a site and a dedicated IP. But you can't just rename your website to, for example, - and try to access it from the Internet) Such a website already exists on the world wide web, with that name. Domain, etc.

Therefore, as I understand it, now this campaign needs to buy a domain name?

Who knows the steps to take. In this situation. To make the website visible under some name on the net.

I am currently opening it via localhost. There is a dedicated IP address.
I need a DNS server apparently. Well does not matter.

And at the same time which DNS webserver is better?


you need to configure the router. As for the domain, then of course you can (I would even say you should to) buy it separately from hosting. Usually, when you buy a domain name, DNS hosting is provided free of charge. If not, then you can try DNS hosting from Google, for example.

And I would think ten times before running a website on my own hardware. And for sure, at the end, I would have chosen a regular hosting (Shared, or VPS).