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Started by brknny, Jul 13, 2022, 02:17 AM

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I want to become a hosting provider.
1. Buy a server from hatzner.
2. Start working.
I would like to know your advice, in general, everything about what you think about this. I will listen to everything.


From my practice, Hetzner is cheap, this is an indisputable plus and there are no competitors, this is the only plus of this provider.
For three years there three rented servers burned out.
Support says that yes, we can replace with new ones, just pay first, we will replace.
While no one can explain how the replacement procedure will go, and what to do with the data that remains on other disks.


The best way to become a hosting provider without equipment and maintenance worries is to become a hosting reseller.

This will allow you to sell hosting and earn money without worrying about the technical aspects.

What is reseller hosting?
Reseller web hosting is a term that sounds like it can be very complicated, but with the right explanation you will see how simple it really is.

First of all, I want you to consider what a reseller does in general. A reseller buys something at wholesale prices and then sells them at any price, charging the retail buyer.

Reseller hosting is the same, but with respect to hosting services, not widgets or monoblocs.

A reseller buys wholesale hosting services from a service provider and then offers them to their customers at whatever prices the reseller wants.

The difference between conventional virtual web  hosting providers and resellers with full control is that the reseller gets full control over several aspects of their environment.

Is the hosting reseller a scam?

Reseller hosting is not a scam. That is a legitimate service that saves customers money on hosting.

Reseller hosting can actually be more cost-effective than virtual hosting for some customers because the reseller buys services at wholesale prices, so they basically get them very, very cheap.

Customers who want to save money don't care about control; they just need the cheapest web hosting available, and reseller hosting is perfect for that.

For customers with many web sites or needing more advanced features like scripts, custom code, etc., they will choose a reseller account with full control because it provides maximum flexibility and saves them even more money.

Here's How to Become a hosting Provider as a Reseller:

Step 1: Register with an existing hosting provider.

There are many hosting providers from which you can choose, almost all of them offer reseller options. Just choose the one that has good reviews and offers good support.

The goal is not to become a dedicated server provider, so anyone who has decent customer support will do.

Step 2: Register with a payment gateway provider that offers hosting.

Just like when registering on the hosting you have signed up for, you also need to find a payment gateway service provider that offers a reseller option.

There are a lot of them, so just choose the one that has good reviews and customer support.

The goal is not to become an e-commerce provider, so any payment gateway with a reseller option will do.

Step 3: Register with a DNS provider that offers hosting, or find a suitable one.

There are many DNS providers out there, just look for the best support and prices you can get.

Remember that the goal is not to become a provider of uptime, so choose anyone and anything.

Step 4: Select a payment system.

Since you are just starting out, I recommend you to use some free system. You can find some of them on Google or just sign up for some free systems like http://www.billingspro.com /.

It's just for starters, you can always change it later.

After registering with the billing system, make sure you get a copy of your login details and keep them safe, because that's how you will charge your customers.

Step 5: Create an account on https://www.whmcs.com / .

That's where the magic happens. Whmcs has a very simple interface, and there are many payment modules available for it, created by the community, you can find whmcs on https://www.whmcs.com /.

After registering with Whmcs, get a copy of your login details, because that's how you will charge your customers.

Step 7: Register on http://www.whmcs.com/clientarea/default.php?a=clientarea&action=addreseller .

Select your hosting plan from the Type drop-down list.

Step 8: Create your own plans for resellers in Whmcs.

Go to the page http://www.whmcs.com/clientarea/plansandpricing/list_plans.php?a=clientarea&action=addplan and then just edit it according to your needs.

Step 9: Set up your "Reseller" in Whmcs in the reseller menu.

Here you will enter your credentials for billing systems and hosts (yes, you can subscribe to more than one reseller plan with more than one host) that you have previously subscribed to.

Make sure you keep track of all these details securely, because that's how you'll charge your customers.

Step 10. Set up and create your own tariff plans in the "Reseller" section.

The process is very simple, you can do it all in one place, there are hundreds of payment modules created by the community to choose from for your various needs, and the best part is that it's free. So what are you waiting for? Get into it now!


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Angel Brooks

These hosting tips helped me a lot, but now I have to work on my knowledge about hosting and in general. And I also agree that Hetzner is not the best option, at least for me. Special thanks for the long but very informative post alexfernando!!!