Payment gateways - options for WHMCS - what is good payment gateway for US and C

Started by land_driver, Jun 25, 2022, 02:02 AM

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Payment gateways - options for WHMCS - what is good payment gateway for US and CAD
Hey all,
what is good payment gateway for WHMCS - US, CAD and rest of the world markets.
Card payments, storing details in WHMCS database or other clever options for global payments?
Any good advice?


Stripe and PayPal are the most common. If you are looking to accept global payments there are a few aggregators now that let you use hundreds of payment methods from around the world (Africa, South America, India etc). For example UPay.

Definitely don't store card data. Tokenise with the gateway. Try to choose a gateway that allows portability so you can move away if you want to.
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All payment gateways
This tab lists all available payment gateways that you can enable, with buttons to enable them and even a link at the bottom of the WHMCS marketplace. They have more payment gateways available with third party modules.

Managing current gateways
This tab allows you to manage and disable any payment gateways you currently have enabled. The options available here vary a bit depending on the payment gateway as they each have their own requirements, but all of the options for them will be listed here. You can deactivate a payment gateway by clicking on the red Deactivate text next to its name.

Regular payment systems
Payment is made on the side of the payment system after the transition.

ePay Service
Fondy (Gateway)
SMS Coins
Wallet One