404 or 301?

Started by samfrank, Jul 25, 2022, 05:20 AM

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samfrankTopic starter

Tell me please what is better to do if entire sections with goods in section are deleted from the site and they will no longer deal with these goods:
give 404 and lose the called link or redirect to the main one, and since there is no longer a section to get bad behavioral ones?


Certainly, the answer suggests itself - a redirect to the main one.

And users will not go to the error page in vain, and the link itself will be redirected to the main page.
Imagine, you get from the search to a webpage that returns 404. Will you immediately close it or start exploring the site? This is where most users will close the tab and go to the next search result.


If you put a redirect, then no one will swear at the increase of 404 pages. 301 redirects are the norm.
So you can overlook that half of your website has suddenly gone somewhere. Well, as a consequence, it will be difficult to track the transition from where and how it turned out. So it's better not to touch 404 globally. And to do it pointwise.

I got 404, we find out who is what and from where and enter a redirect to this page where it is needed.  Well, yes, it's the job of the SEOs to determine where and where.
Yes, if such redirection is appropriate for visitors to your site who have switched to addresses like http://site/forum, then you can use a redirect to the main page. Pages that redirect will disappear from the search automatically.