AdSense, there are impressions but no clicks

Started by Ghazala, Aug 30, 2022, 09:26 AM

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GhazalaTopic starter

Tell me what it can be connected with - since yesterday it began to display 0 clicks per day. Income doesn't work either. There are impressions, advertising is spinning. There were 10-20 clicks per day, since yesterday 0. In the Google AdSense community, they answer that "Apparently your users have become uninteresting in your advertising." But there can't be 0 clicks. Clicks are not displayed.
On the day when clicks were no longer counted, I began to look more carefully. A couple of days before that, I did something with ad blocks and in the sidebar there was one static, and the other moving while scrolling, and they overlapped each other, how did it happen. I corrected everything last night, it is displayed correctly, but there are still no clicks in the statistics, and I know EXACTLY that there were clicks.


Maybe the website's traffic has dropped significantly?
Try to connect automatic blocks and check if there are no clicks on them, then there is obviously some kind of ban.
And there are no screenshots, what did it look like?
Words are not very clear.
It turns out it was at some specific resolution and device, or everywhere?


It happens that the traffic on website is large, there are a lot of clicks, but the income remains low. And the main reason for this is the low CPC for your site. What determines the prices that Google pays you for clicks on ads?
The main factor here is competition among advertisers. The prices per clicks are formed according to the auction principle. If there are a lot of advertisers, then the prices are correspondingly higher. And if there are few or no advertisers at all, then what is the point for them to pay a lot for clicks? So choosing a profitable web site theme is of great importance for your income.

But if you have already built your web site and only now found out that its subject matter is commercially unattractive, then there is nothing you can do. Except to start building a new site.

As you can see, there are only three main reasons for low incomes. But in order to get around them, it is necessary to take into account many factors, including even before the construction of the site itself.
And that's why it's not so easy to build a really profitable website for earning money in Google AdSense. But if you use the Step-by-Step earnings system in Google AdSense, then the task is significantly simplified, and the sites you have created will delight you with constant and significant income for many years.