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Started by carlos, Sep 02, 2022, 01:40 AM

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Probably a banal question, but I didn't see it after searching, if anything, please poke me into the link.
Now I am tormented by the choice of which tool for semantics to choose. Everyone writes of course about the keycollector. But he is advised in tandem with KeyAssort, for instance, for clustering.

And there is TopSite, which, in theory, knows how to do everything and also shows the same positions. If so, why is everyone on keycollector? Or is there something he doesn't know how to do?
So if it's not difficult to explain to the noob what to take and, most importantly, why? Why not the same topsite, the same selection of keywords makes it worse. Or better.
Or maybe there are some alternatives?
The tasks, I think, are clear, collection of semantics, clustering, positioning, analysis of competitors.
Thanks a lot.


Woorank allows you to track your website ranking through reports and see how well competitive keywords are performing. It spoils you with key features like websitereviews, competitive analysis, site traffic analysis, marketing checklists, keyword suggestions and more.

It helps you track your site's competitive SEO performance.
With such detailed reports, you will be able to quickly fix any errors or issues that could hurt your site's rankings.

This tool is more attractive in that it also offers you suggestions and advice on how to solve any problems with your site's SEO performance.

Botify is a simple and straightforward site audit tool. It provides you with information about your site's SEO, such as loading speed, HTML errors, and click-through depth. This way you can drill down into the data to get actionable insights.

Many users say that Botify is an advanced version of Google Search Console with a full range of technical SEO features. If you are managing a large site or an e-commerce website with many page types, that tool might be the best choice for you.

Botify allows you to see areas of your website that have not been viewed to ensure that Google can access your site's content. However, the downside is that that tool is quite expensive, especially for startups and small businesses.

Ahrefs offers a good job on SEO and backlink analysis. Many use that tool in their strategic link structure. In addition, it can also help in discovering and discovering discovered words, analyzing initiatives, developing ideas to collect, and even auditing a site.

Many experienced content marketers live and die with it. Be that as it may, that tool stands out for beginners.

Like Ahrefs, Semrush is an all-in-one word learning tool. While Ahrefs can be the clear winner of a link-driven marketing strategy, Semrush can come out on top when you need a more tool-focused word research platform.

You should also consider that tool because you can try out all the advanced features of Semrush for free for 14 days. You can then decide whether to use the premium version with unlimited access to all features or the basic plan.

Advanced Web Ranking is a ranking distribution program specially designed for agencies that allows you to work with high speeds using word lists. To facilitate the flow of projects between colleagues, it supports the maximum number of users without increasing fees.

Advanced Web Rating can be configured to generate results for specific countries, cities, or even GPS coordinates.

Thus, the results are accurate and reflect the sensations that are felt when manually searching for your own.

Reports can be implemented via permalinks like PDF, CSV or third party apps like Google Data Studio. All pricing plans include a class feature, namely the Whitelabel feature, which fully customizes the reports, provides them with a logo, and even replaces the package you send to your site.

You can try it out for free for 30 days (no credit card required), see how the app performs for your website and target keyword.


Screaming Frog SEO Spider
What does it do?
A cool and convenient service that is especially popular with foreigners and is suitable for those whose skill has already grown and requires more space for implementation.
Most importantly, it has extensive functionality and capabilities, comprehensively scans the site and conducts a quality audit. This data greatly simplifies our work with site analysis and improves the quality of further promotion. The service provides both a paid version (146 euros per year) and a free version, but in the paid version the functionality significantly expands and gives more opportunities. Of the minuses, I can only single out the cost of annual maintenance and the fact that the software is completely English-speaking.

What does it do?
Another powerful tool completes our top.
The service provides a lot of valuable information on improvement, allows you to combine all SEO tools, analyzes the work of competitors, checks performance, problems with images and shows the number of external links to the site, referring pages and links of different types (link from text, image, etc.)