Clean URL words together or separately

Started by Novel Web Solution, Jul 19, 2022, 04:01 AM

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The filter url is generated from the product description.
There are three options.


First option: url cms generates by default, but I don't like that krossovki najk are separated by a slash, it seems like 2 sections are krossovki and najk
The second option: if you substitute the separator "_", then after the extreme characteristic an extra sign "_" is placed
The third option: if without a separator, then the characteristics in the link are together.

I'm leaning towards the second option, an extra "_" sign at the end of the trash, of course ...

How will the first or third option will be liked by SEs, who thinks about this?


I know that Google's official answer is that they don't care.

Older programmers insisted on underscores in filenames, because of some peculiarities of ancient unix systems, and because the my_page.html page
Since this is a real file my_page.html for the system, then underscores were used in the URLs.
But here's the "For" hyphen, I haven't heard any good arguments.