Do social media links work?

Started by vallam, Aug 04, 2022, 05:14 AM

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vallamTopic starter

I see a lot of jobs on the topic "links from social networks" (usually either in bulk from accounts, or something like spam)
Do these links work? If not, which ones work and is it worth spending a lot of time on social media at all? networks to promote the site?
As I understand it, there will be at least some sense only from the links that will be followed by living people from the social network to the website and there is something to watch?


just due to links from social networks, you probably won't go anywhere.
as one of the measures in the complex SEO - why not?

This is just as a small addition, social signals. But sometimes they give not bad traffic, here, of course, it depends on the specific topic and of the link location.

Jacques Chapman

Links from social networks give a good indicator, especially if you use this SEO tool correctly. Of course, this tool does not work by itself - you need both influence and an array of traffic.
Is there any point in social links? Naturally there is. I'll tell you this: there's an entire industry in SEO that's dedicated to driving traffic from social media, both for traffic and domain value. The question is different - how exactly will you use these links.


I think if you have a large audience in any social network, then the transitions will be accurate. Actually, it is enough to understand how advertising works for bloggers. If it is served under marketing sauce, the result will not be long in coming.


If you take into account all the pros and cons, then people most often go to sites that they already know at least something about. Users who visit the site, as a rule, have already seen some of the content and have an idea of ��what awaits them there. If users have joined groups of companies, then it is likely that the visit to the site will be reusable. Much depends on a high-quality link profile, if everything is high-quality and accessible, then in 90% of cases there is efficiency.