Do weblinks from profiles work?

Started by tanuja19, Sep 04, 2022, 02:00 AM

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tanuja19Topic starter

Which links are still working at all now (except for purchased ones in exchanges)?
Does it make sense to drive the same profiles as a dilution, or not for a long time?
Crowd marketing is normal - it definitely works, but it's long, tedious, effective and it seems to me it requires a little dilution.

What can you advise to buy in the coming year and where?


If forum is not active, the project is not active, then they do not work. Theming is important. If the links are located on projects of similar subjects, they will bring some kind of +, but you need to look for this yourself or buy databases from knowledgeable people. The rest is impossible.
What most freelancers offer is ***. Gardening forums for websites with a programming theme are like a pebble towards your resource (sooner or later it will fill up). generally. The forum is not thematic - in the furnace, thematic - you can try. There will be minimal sense.

Not everywhere profiles can be filled with text.
And does the trust even exist now? IMHO everything is already spammed so that it is not normal to count.
That's why I asked such a question about the expediency of the whole action.


There is one feature, but no one uses it for some reason. When you fill out a profile, fill it out on the subject of the site (links). Google eats such links with a bang and the positions on the LF are also growing with a bang.
Although now you can't leave on the links alone.

Fill out the profile as much as possible. And more natural. So that you yourself would believe that this is a real person. I managed to register no more than 25 profiles per day for 12 hours of work. Dreary work, but still 75% of the Yandex webmaster panels are hanging.
And it's been 4 years.
And then I ordered runs on the website. All fell off after 2-4 months. It's just that people are completely lazy. And laziness in SEO - brings only disappointment.