Do YouTube links and Pinterest pins affect SEO?

Started by Lechlak, Aug 22, 2022, 11:12 AM

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LechlakTopic starter

The question here was discussed with a colleague the other day - if you put down links with a description under the videos on YouTube with near-link text - will that somehow positively affect the ranking of this landing page?
It is also possible to put down links from the "main" page of the channel. Is it better than from YouTube videos?

Well, the second question - pins from pinterest with a link - do they influence something SEO, or is it already a bug?

Hemanth malli

I make links from YouTube and pins from Pinterest all the time (in addition to other networks)
As for YouTube - I think it makes sense, videos at least appear in the top 50 on demand, which I think affects the ranking of the page itself (and who knows).
But I haven't seen pins from Pinterest in the search results, but I always do it for websites (it doesn't take much time).

I selected the YouTube video for a thematic landing video only no further than the top 20 of the issue.
Links put all 3 without anchors with the necessary keys in the near-link text.

I recently tested, but so far it is too early to judge the result.

Gareth Freeman

It all depends on how many points from YouTube and Google (If we are talking about promotion in Google) the video itself has. As we know, YouTube has its own rating mechanism, and in order to increase the effectiveness of the landing page, you must also have a "meaty donor" accordingly. It's hard to imagine in numbers, because too many algorithms are involved in increasing the position of the site. As for Pinterest, there is practically no picture here - you are unlikely to find a response from Google (testing was carried out at different levels and with different reference mass - the effect is zero or almost 0.)


Using Youtube as a links donor, you get a high-quality platform with good search visibility. According to Cisco statistics,  IP video traffic will account for 87% of all IP traffic, and consumer video traffic will double.
This means that users will increasingly prefer video content. Accordingly, it is advisable to use it in the promotion of your sites.

Search engines willingly show competently optimized YouTube videos in the first lines of the output. For example, the web site of the Euro-Plant garden center is missing from the first page of the search results. However, the video from his YouTube channel is displayed on the third line. Placing a link to the site in the description of such a video will help improve the link profile. And if users go to the specified pages after viewing, this will result in additional traffic.
Another advantage of using Youtube to build up the link mass is that you can take several positions in the search results at once. For example, for the query "interior design projects", we will see a link to the Geometrium channel in the video section, and a link to the company's web site just below.
Among other things, links from the YouTube channel corresponding to the subject of the site look natural. There is practically no risk that search engines will consider them spam.