Domain name has several IP addresses. Can this affect the SEs positions?

Started by ShreeVaghani, Jul 11, 2022, 02:27 AM

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ShreeVaghaniTopic starter

The domain has multiple IP addresses that keep changing randomly with roughly 4 of them.
 I don't know exactly how and when this happened, but about three weeks ago, the domain's search engine positions dramatically decreased from 79% to 30%, resulting in a huge drop in traffic. Is it possible that this factor is responsible for the significant decline in positions? And what suggestions do you have for me?


This is not the case. Only a few people purchase dedicated IPs, therefore hosting providers often assign one IP to hundreds of sites.
However, this practice can lead to issues if the IP is connected to spam or banned sites. It's suggested to consider buying a dedicated server from your hosting provider as an alternative option.


SEO specialists often advise that in order to achieve good search engine positions, it is recommended to host your website on a dedicated IP address. Although it may seem like an unnecessary suggestion, it is actually beneficial.
 If a website belonging to untrustworthy owners who engage in spamming, distributing viruses, and breaking the law is also hosted on the same IP as your website, the IP can be banned.

If a complaint is filed regarding one of the sites neighboring your website, all domains sharing the IP can face sanctions, ultimately causing your website to become unavailable. Utilizing the 2ip service allows you to determine which sites you are sharing an IP with.