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Started by morisss, Aug 26, 2022, 04:39 AM

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morisssTopic starter

Good day! I have an extremely limited budget to promote my website, so I want to ask you for advice. Through which service is it better to start pouring traffic? My target audience is 16-25 year old guys who are fond of video games. Can you tell me any other platform. Thank you in advance.


If you are looking for audience related to game with limited budget then i think facebook is much better than google ads, becaue in google you will find very tough competitors who are investing big amount of money for his ads. In facebook you can set range of age, location and few other restrictions like budget. With small budget you can get good response because for game you can found many people who is using facebook for game only.
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There is no definite answer, each case is individual. It all depends on the niche and goals of a particular client.

But it is important to understand that advertising on Google and Facebook helps to connect with users at different stages of the funnel. In the first case, we bring the most hot and targeted traffic to web site, because users already have a well—formed interest and need for the product, in the second - we interact with a colder audience that is not yet aware of the problem that the promoted product/service will help solve.

Google focuses on the quality and relevance of advertising and only then on what budget you invest.
The more relevant the advertisement is to the user, the more impressions they have and, therefore, the higher the probability that they will continue to use Google as a search engine. Relevance + user experience = quality indicator.

Facebook boasts an audience of 1.82+ billion monthly active users. However, Facebook's real strength lies in the potential granularity of this audience. People share details from life, joys and achievements, and view content that corresponds to a huge range of personal interests, beliefs, ideologies and values.
All this can be easily used when targeting a target audience.
Facebook is a visual platform. It is important to understand this when ordering targeted advertising on Facebook.
In fact, you can show your product to users in a video and in an image. But to create visual content, you will need to invest.

Bob Bigelou

You have provided too little information. If you just need to "catch up" with just traffic to the site, even if it's determined (guys 16-25), then there is no difference between Google and Facebook, but if the goal is to find a future lead, then I would recommend Facebook. I also recommend turning to advertising on gaming and streaming platforms like Twitch. As I said earlier, it all depends on the purpose of the advertising campaign. And yes - YouTube in terms of game traffic (if there is video content on the portal) shows the best results.