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Started by berto, Jul 23, 2022, 03:56 AM

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I am new to the SEO, I need to do a site promotion with legal services.

1) I looked at competitors in the tops. Services are divided by areas/pages (housing disputes, labor legal, accident lawyer, etc.).
What is remarkable, when you go to the page with a service description, there is a short description, a listing of the services provided (drawing up a contract, registering housing, ...), contacts for communication.
Optimized meta tags and H1. Didn't see the optimized article. When I studied using different materials, the following logic was given everywhere: drawing up a structure, parsing, clustering, technical specifications for writing a main page. How to be in the legal field, tell me? I did not see original landing pages from contestants.

2) How to parse in low topics? Here, for example, there are basic requests: a general page, a page on housing disputes, on labor law, etc. Separately, for all pages, I collect leading queries and scab in groups, do I understand correctly?
That is, for each section there will be many starting phrases-synonyms

That is, for a common page, these will be combinations of the following two groups of words:

- Lawyer, advocate, legal, juridical, rights,

- help, service, consultation, office, company, support, prices, cost, price, how much, service

I do the same thing separately for each segment, right?


Some time ago I started making a production site for myself > I just made a site.
Then I set up direct and looked at the results. The results sucked .
After gathering statistics, it was clear that the site needed to be improved. Which is what I did for a year or two.

Working out inside pages, working out the interface, working out the page structure (production technologies, production materials, completed production projects, articles) to introduce many forms of capture into the same structure (online calculators, quizzes, briefs, contact forms, online chat).
Roughly speaking, for one production cluster you have a construction of 15-20 points. Generally, in the top sites now have these materials in 80% of cases.