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Started by berto, Jul 29, 2022, 04:13 AM

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Tell me please, here's what I can do., What would at least a little promote the forum?
Generally, if the point is now in the forums? Does it make sense for forum admin to work and develop it?


What do you exactly mean?

If in money, then - calculate a business plan ahead . In general, think about how to monetize the chosen topic.
If in the level of self-importance / pride / toughness, then - I don't even know. At the very "honeymoon" when I wanted to make "the coolest website on the internet" long gone (more than 10 years ago).

There are already many forums about everything. And there hang out the old people who do not like the srach-wall of contacts. I don't like contacts either, I'm an old Internet man who doesn't like forums.
Maybe make a FB group? (if you know how to cook it). In terms of labor and monetary costs, this is more angry, but there you are not the boss (you can ban users, and fools can ban you).

The new generation chooses Pepsi to grieve each other on the walls in contact ... Mostly not young people go to the forum. Although... No, contact monkeys are still more and more every year.


Your web forum should be in demand. Ideally, there should be no analogues on the same topic, otherwise you will have to compete. A classic example is the official forum for a particular game. Fans of the game simply have no choice where to ask questions to developers.
And as a bonus, it turns out that they can answer each other quite well.
Users should not only be comfortable, but they should also find answers to their questions, i.e. you should have experts hanging out, well, or you yourself will have to write a lot about the case.
The structure should be adequate and convenient, all sorts of wishes, etc. without frills and without a ton of advertising.