Say Goodbye to Google Search Console Updates: What You Need to Know

Started by Padonag, Jul 02, 2022, 01:58 AM

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PadonagTopic starter

It has been 67 hours since my GSC statistics were last updated on Google.

 I am unsure if this is an issue affecting all GSC accounts or just mine. My account does not have any manual actions or security problems, so it should be functioning properly. However, the update simply will not go through. I am curious if this is a common problem with delays in reporting for GSC accounts.


Google frequently updates their algorithms without any prior notice, and we only receive limited information about these updates. It is important to remain patient during this time. Ensure that your website has a current .XML sitemap available on the site, and submit the sitemap through GSC.
Eventually, it should be indexed. Additionally, take a look at your robots.txt file to ensure that Google is not being blocked from indexing your pages.


Google is finalizing the migration of all Search Console properties to a more streamlined system that simplifies the categorization of web pages, items, and issues. This transition began two months ago, aimed at helping Search Console users identify critical issues more easily.

To accomplish this objective, Google has updated its category grouping. Formerly, URLs and top-level items were divided into three or more status categories: Valid, Warning, and Error. The new grouping involves two broad status categories: Valid and Disabled.

If an element is categorized as Invalid, it indicates that there is a critical issue with the web page or item, while Valid means that the element does not have critical issues (but may still contain warnings). Depending on the report type, new valid and invalid identifiers have varying implications, which Google explains in detail.

Despite these changes, individual issues are still categorized as Good, Warning, or Error, but this information is now conveyed through color and icons rather than a text label.

Google has made updates to the individual Search Console reports to reflect these changes, including Coverage (web page indexing), Web Key Vital Metrics, Mobile usability, AMP report, Detailed Results Reports, and URL Validation.

It is important to note that this change only affects how tasks are classified and does not add or remove data from reports in Google Search Console.