Google Search Console no longer updating

Started by Padonag, Jul 02, 2022, 01:58 AM

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PadonagTopic starter

My GSC statistics hasn't been up to date through Google for sixty seven hours now.

Is this a GSC-huge issue that everybody is experiencing or is there some thing incorrect in particular with my account?

I haven't any guide moves or security issues, and the whole lot appears good enough besides the rattling factor simply will now no longer update.
Also if that is a GSC-huge problem, do reporting delays like this appear often?


Google continuously updates their algorithms with none announcements. These middle updates are handiest little or no part we get to realize about.

Please be patient. Make your .XML sitemap present at the website, in addition - publish your sitemap via GSC. It will wager listed eventually.
Also test your robots.txt. Perhaps you're blocking off Google from indexing your pages?


Google is finalizing the migration of all Search Console properties to an updated system that makes it easier to categorize web pages, items, and issues.
Google started this work two months ago to help Search Console users focus more on critical issues.

To achieve this goal, Google Search Console no longer groups URLs or top-level items into three or more status categories.
Previously, Search Console reported classified URLs with a Valid, Warning, and Error label.
You will see that the items in Search Console are grouped into two broad statuses to indicate whether they are valid or disabled.

Invalid means that the web page or element has a critical issue associated with the report, while valid means the element does not have critical issues (but may still contain warnings).
The implications for new valid and invalid identifiers depend on the report type. Google explains what this means for each report affected.

Updates to Google Search Console reports - what's changed?
Search Console still categorizes individual issues as error, warning, or good. What has changed is that these classifications are now implied through color and icons rather than through a text label.

The following are changes to individual Search Console reports:

Coverage (web page indexing): Valid and Valid with warning pages are grouped under Indexed status.
Error and Excluded questions have been grouped under Not indexed status.
Web Key Vital Metrics: The report now groups pages into two tables: one table for Poor/Need Improvement and one for Good pages.
Mobile usability: Categories are now Unused and helpful.
AMP Report: The first table shows the AMP pages that are affected by critical issues, and the second table shows non-critical issues.
Detailed Results Reports: The first table shows the rich results affected by critical issues, and the second table shows non-critical issues.
URL Validation: The top-level verdict for a URL will fall into one of the following three categories:
The URL is on Google
The URL is on Google, but there are problems
URL not in Google
To be clear, Google Search Console does not add or remove data from reports. This change only affects how tasks are classified.