How do websites get to the SE TOP in 2-4 weeks?

Started by kradha707, Jul 24, 2022, 05:21 AM

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kradha707Topic starter

How do SEOs bring a website to the TOP of Google in 2-4 weeks? Then they hang in the top for several months and fall sharply.

Maybe they use black-hat SEO? I read about black SEO and how I understood that search engines detect all black SEO methods.
Before that, I was engaged only in white-hat SEO.

But they tell me that I can somehow bring my site to the top in 2-4 weeks on competitive topics, and stay there for up to several months.
Is it achievable? How do SEOs do such things?
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They don't. They optimize sites - some of them fly into the SEs top, the other don't.
As for hitting the top, and then flying out - this is like a one-armed bandit (look in the search). Respectively they fly out of the search because the behavioral factors are not fine enough for the SE top.

Fight SEs and SEOs will always be. And at different times different sides will win for a short period.
Although now a third enemy has materialized - the context ads, and so far it is most likely that it will win everyone.

Gareth Brown

It is unrealistic to optimize a site to get into the Google TOP in 2-4 weeks, but it is possible to bring a certain article (page) to the TOP, but it is stupid to guarantee that it will hang there for 2-4 months - the algorithms are constantly in motion, like competitors.
If you are an advanced SEO specialist or sit in secret publics, then you know what algorithms Google is "pressing" on. I want to note that yes, a page from a deep ass to the TOP of a search engine can be taken out in 2-3 weeks, and it will hang there for about a month, but you must have a white blacklist of the main Google algorithms (for example, which gray links to use, black and white ones, how to optimize SEO targeted text, etc.). In a word, one person is unlikely to cope with such work (especially without the necessary knowledge). The ideal option is to do step-by-step (monthly) SEO and push 200 optimization points for a month, then maintain SEO +SERM and then yes, the site can hang in the top for up to six months.
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nikola Kras

First of all, we must have a semantic core. If it is not there, we will definitely collect it, you can collect it at the beginning according to priority sections.
Here comes the most important moment, which many people miss. If there is no landing page, you need to create it. An SEO specialist draws up a technical task for creating a new page. It includes:

meta tags;
heading h1;
what to fill;
through blocks and elements;
where to add an internal link to the created page.
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sima singhs

To bring web site to the TOP of the search results yourself, you need to become at least a little better than your competitors. About how to do it, just they themselves can tell. Without seeing and not knowing the competitors, you will not be able to understand who needs to be overtaken at all and what techniques can be used to achieve that .
To resolve that issue, regularly audit your competitors. Search competitors Create a list of competing companies, which occupy the TOP 10 in search engines Google and Yandex (or one of them). To do this, open the "Incognito" mode in the browser and type in the search bar the query targeted for your business, that is, the one by which your potential customers can search for you.

The most common mistake of beginners in independent SEO promotion is to focus only on high—frequency queries. When compiling the semantic core, it is necessary to take into account both RF and MF and LF keywords, and distribute them across pages depending on the meaning and the problem that the user is trying to solve. In addition, promotion on low-frequency queries will require much less time and financial resources, but at the same time it will bring the most targeted traffic and will give results in the near future. 
You can create a semantic core for promoting your web site much better than an SEO specialist, since he does not understand the specifics of your business

Content is everything visible that your site is filled with. Accordingly, it is the content that users see when deciding whether to stay on web site or go further, leaving the resource forever.

Speaking about external optimization, we mean the number and quality of external links that lead to your web site from other resources. If no one talks about a company or a product, there is no information about it from users, partners, bloggers, or social networks, it is neither visible nor heard, that can only mean one thing — the company and its site are not worth attention.
Search engines will not display web sites in the TOP that are not referenced by a variety of external sources, if competitors have succeeded in that .

The popularity of social networks has not passed by search engines that prefer sites with active groups and communities.
The more subscribers, likes and comments your communities will collect, the more links to them there will be on web site, the prettier the project will look in the eyes of search engines.