How do you promote info websites?

Started by merlinraj, Sep 02, 2022, 09:15 AM

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merlinrajTopic starter

Hi, there is a site, 5000-9000 visitors a day. In a year it turned out to raise from 2200 to just the same 5000-9000 visitors, and that's it, I've been standing still for 3 months...
I throw in new web articles every day, on day 3 articles always and steadily. Positions are taken, yes, clicks are starting to go... but I have, of course, low frequency, midrange queries there, and there are few clicks on the article, the high frequency does not get into the top right away, and does not get at all))

I have never bought links, that's just a month ago I started to turn the main web page and categories..
What works, what doesn't work, how do you promote, let's discuss?)

Maybe write huge articles, or vice versa dry, short and clear?
especially an informational website, we need all the info and even more... google likes big texts, I noticed it for sure, and gives attendance, increases it.


I suspect that you have several hundred, maybe 10000+ pages on the website. Not fundamentally, the main thing is a lot. I would recommend starting to take not quantity, but "quality". By quality I mean requests. Example:

There are 4-6 articles on the website about refrigerators (how to defrost the refrigerator, how to place it correctly in the refrigerator, why the refrigerator is noisy, etc.)
Do the article "How to choose a refrigerator for home". Link to this article from the above articles with a direct key (HF).

So you can:
a) increase attendance
b) increase revenue due to request.
Well, buy links to such pages (with HF).


Budget - it's hard to say. The more - the better, the better websites you can take.
I prefer to focus first on the website, if it suits me, then I already look at the price. If the price fits into the budget, we take it. Better 100 good ones than 300 so-so. That is me speaking for the promotion of white sites, which is in the long run.
I know the guys who build up runs normally, but I'm not a supporter, the last time I did this was when neolix was popular, then it worked.

At the places of purchase - anything. Quark for crowdsourcing and registrations is possible, but websites need to be chosen, since there is a lot of slag. On exchanges - miralinks and collaborator.
Well, be sure to make direct purchases, it always saves the budget.