How does site hаcking affect SEO? How are sites being hаcked today?

Started by allricjohnson, Aug 06, 2022, 01:31 AM

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Good day dear SEO's, marketers and everyone else.
Today I published an article about how and with what help our websites are hаcked, who hаcks our websites, why our sites are hаcked, how it affects SEO results and how to protect yourself from hаcks.

In my opinion, I partially touch on the methods and tools of hаckers. And of course, I dispel the myth that if a website is ugly, not interesting and has no backlinks, then it is not interesting for a hаcker!
And also write in the comments whether the topic should be more open, if YES, then in which direction. Thanks everyone for the feedback.


better to avoid.
install add-ons to hide the version of the website and its components, as well as configure the site firewall (for example, using the All In One WP Security & Firewall plugin, Acunetix WP Security and others);
remove inactive plugins and themes;
regularly update the website;
make regular backups.