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Started by berto, Jul 20, 2022, 03:42 AM

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One of the most usual questions SEOs get asked is "How long does it take to get SEO results?"

Companies want to know when they will see a return on their investment, but SEO is not paid media, where results could be seen almost immediately after an ad launch. It takes time to see the return from SEO.

What does successful SEO look like?

When it comes to putting together an SEO strategy, it's common to look at campaign goals and KPI.

    Goals = the final result you want to achieve.
    KPI = Metrics showing progress towards your goals

In reality, these goals and key performance indicators look something like this:

    Goals = growth revenue to a certain level over a 12-month period.
    KPI = increase in organic traffic, visibility, impressions or positions.

Goal setting is about setting measurable but realistic goals. You should to focus on the length of time it usually takes to see results against key KPIs.

Often results from SEO could be seen within 6-12 months

SEO should bring results within 6-12 months. We mean a measurable increase in traffic and related leads or conversions. This doesn't necessarily mean that you will have reached your goal by this point, but any business investing in SEO should see progress within this time.

Google and other search engines strive to show the best result for any given search query, so it takes some time for a site to rank high.
It is necessary to achieve maximum visibility in SEs.


That is a common tale from "seo specialists" who run other people's sites, but do not have their own.

Depending on the site subject, depending on where the traffic comes from, depending on which site - there are a lot of nuances.
But taking them into one, the first traffic from search engines starts to go much earlier. A few weeks later, a small page under the woofer received traffic from Google with the right promotion.

Or f.e. a large catalog, well-made, immediately after indexing gives traffic from Google. So what the hell is all about a year before traffic for new websites.


Search engine promotion is a complex process, the results of which are quite difficult to predict.
Such forecasts are usually made individually, taking into account a number of factors: from the initial characteristics of the promoted web site to what goals and objectives are set for optimizers. Nevertheless, it is important for customers ordering promotion to know at least the approximate timing of the appearance of results. In order to evaluate them, it is necessary to take into account the following parameters.

When to wait for the results of SEO promotion?
The newly created sites are not very trusted by search engines. To win it, purposeful work is needed, which includes regular content updates, building up the link mass, and working with behavioral factors. As a rule, it lasts from several weeks to several months. It is necessary to increase the reference mass carefully, taking into account many factors. We recommend using the services of professionals only at this stage.

Sites created more than two years ago usually occupy good positions faster. as a rule, such web sites already have a certain link weight and a good ranking. 
However, at this stage it is also worth being extremely careful with the promotion, since one wrong step can lead to the loss of everything that has been extracted over several years of work on the promotion of web site. Withdrawal from the "ban" threatens to lose a lot of time and money. It is extremely important to work on usability.

This parameter directly relates to the goals and objectives of the promotion. So, if the topic is highly competitive, it will be quite difficult to "push" web sites in the top of the search results, and it may take several months. The same applies to high—frequency queries - the results of promotion for them always appear slower. A lot in this case depends on web site itself. The ability to resist competitors in your niche from the point of view of a marketing offer is very important. Promotion in low-competitive topics, as well as for medium— or low-frequency queries, gives results faster - usually in just a few weeks.

When to wait for the results of SEO promotion?

Here we are talking about the professionalism of optimizers. As a rule, high-quality promotion requires a whole range of work, from competitive analysis and audit of web site to its optimization and work with external factors. To get promotion results faster, it is important to respond competently to the changing requirements of search engines. In particular, usability, the usefulness of content, work with behavioral factors, competent analysis of the results of advertising campaigns and the behavior of visitors on web site are of particular importance today.

At the same time, there are still cases when promotion is carried out by outdated methods: with the placement of overoptimized content and outright spam on pages, the use of dubious resources to increase the link mass, the lack of work to optimize the structure and usability of web site. Of course, it is not necessary to wait for quick, and in principle, any significant results of such promotion. Moreover, web site may fall under the search engine pessimization filter.

When to wait for the results of SEO promotion?

The speed of promotion strongly depends on how much the customer himself is ready to cooperate. If you have to wait for weeks to complete the necessary work or provide the necessary information from the client, the appearance of results will also be slower. On the contrary, if the client maintains constant communication with optimizers, quickly makes edits and coordinates the work performed, the whole process is significantly accelerated.

On average, the first results appear in the first 4-6 weeks after the start of the promotion work. Most often, these results consist in the growth of web site's positions for some (not all) queries. On average, you can start waiting for a noticeable effect from the promotion 3-4 months after the start of work.
Again, it all depends on web site, the subject, the selected queries, etc. Of course, each customer needs the fastest possible result. If this requirement is fundamental, we can recommend a combination of SEO promotion and contextual advertising, or promotion, including medium- and low-frequency queries.