How to order seo texts properly?

Started by Popandopulos, Sep 10, 2022, 11:51 AM

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Hi all.
Colleagues tell me how to order the right seo texts? Just all the content for the site...
I am now doing orders, the guys are ok to prepare, but I feel that you can do better.

I heard some people order texts in special forms, so that the text at once underlined h1-6, keywords, descriptions, b, strong, title, keyword (mention it in the text once, % of it in the text).

Tell me how you do it? Maybe who can share some examples? :)
I just see, when it comes to a dozen pages, it is solvable. but I got to a couple of stores, and really see that the system should be automated.


Here's where they'll write you any way you want WorkHard, Fiverr,, UpWork, Guru.
The important thing is to know the price.
Of course, some people seem to have reviews and a long time on the site, but they don't know how to write with keys... Sheep.  :)


Now I see the problem: that just copywriters need to put a normal terms of reference, give a framework in which they would work, that's what forms to make, right?


Why for the online store to twist so, if we are talking about a thousand products (for example).
  • Enough h1.
  • It's enough a unique title for each page.
  • Enough of the description type for each page.
  • Keywords don't.

  • Some minimal descriptive part.
  • Material, size, color.

  • A block "See also" and / or "with this buy.

And for the categories of products can order a normal text box and then bring it to mind.


In general, the work with the keywords, titles, etc. is not on the shoulders of copywriter/writer (I'm not speaking as a customer, but as a performer). What you want is a big part of internal optimization, and it should be the optimizer.
Usually for this extra charge, but not about this.
On your question. You can ask to send in html, but there may be a hell of a thing with tags (find out the level of SEO-education of executors).
Worked something like this:
1) I get a terms of reference with keywords and title + desired number of occurrences.
2.1) Writing a text, beginning I spelled out a comma used keys.
2.2) I write the text in html with selection of the necessary keys in <string>.
2.3) I write the text and send it. Each text in a separate folder with the specification of the text.
2.4) Writing a text, publish, myself all prescribed. The first week the optimizer controls and points out errors, then work myself, and he likes it all, since I take into account all his wishes.

In general, a lot of hassle comes from trivial misunderstandings.


To begin with we need to understand what services are provided.
Very often I meet the following classification of the text: rewriting, copywriting, SEO copyright.
You wrote that you order "seo texts" - in my understanding this is the text, where "there is everything at once.
If we're talking about the usual copywriting, there are no tags. No % does not count.
What to order?
If you are an optimizer and you have time - order the copywriting and put tags before publication.
If you are a webmaster without skills and understanding of markup - it is better to order a text with tags.
And what tags to use?
meta keywords,description
!أطيب التمنيات


Popandopulos, hi.
There is no need to require in the terms of reference to highlight tags and other things. The copywriter does not know the characteristics of your site.
Order content with the keys.
A tag insert later, after writing.

PopandopulosTopic starter

Thank you all!  :)
All clear and understandable, I agree. Everyone let them do their job. Copywriters write normal readable texts for people, optimizers optimize written texts.
I am working on a technical task.
Would be very grateful for the sent sample terms of reference on the subject.  ;)