How to promote a service website?

Started by Ольга, Jul 14, 2022, 09:56 AM

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Is the classic SEO solution effective for promoting such sites: collect customer search queries and write a text about the service with keywords?

Gabriel Evans

Website promotion, which is tailored to the instructions of the services, that is, the service site works a little differently. To be honest, until the end of the site promotion work should consist of 100 hot spots (Google has 200 algorithms with which it raises or lowers sites in search results) and 100 cold spots.

Of course, your promotion idea is good, but this is only one of the points for SEO.
It is worth paying attention to:
1) Meta description for each page of the site (works especially well with a long read).
2) Key optimization.
3) Check the presence of your organization on the map (if you are running an offline business) Google.
5) Pay attention to hyperlinks and links.
This is how you should have 200 points. It is best if you create yourself a white list for the site.


Building a semantic core.
Google's Keyword Planner, studied competitors' web sites and advertisements on that topic.

For instance, for the phrase "boiler repair" we have collected and reviewed some relevant keywords. We did not strive for a large amount of ad phrases, so we studied only phrases with a frequency of 50 requests per month.
Then we regularly monitored the effectiveness of the use of key phrases according to consumer requests, removed unnecessary, added new ones.

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So we analyzed over 7,000 words, but used only 400 of them, distributing them to 17 advertisements.

The first ads were focused on broad-matching keywords. Next, we narrowed the semantic meanings and added new phrases according to the requests of web site visitors.
Developing a new landing page
The old site had a lot of text information and little visual, so we decided to start from scratch. Together with the client, we chose anchor keywords for consumers: boiler repair, boiler installation, service center, installation of air conditioners, buy spare parts.

For these phrases, we have formed a multi-page landing page. It includes six sections:
home page,
air conditioners,
service center. 
In the course of the project, we have added sections Promotions and Tips. This separation of pages made it possible to lead users from advertisements to the corresponding pages. Each page was additionally divided by anchor links according to the subtopics of consumer interests, which made it possible to effectively use the page space for relevant queries.

We also used lead capture and callback forms.

We needed to highlight the competitive advantages of the Service Center, its attractiveness to the consumer. In the course of communication with employees and clients of the SC, we identified 8 characteristics by priority:
11 years of experience,
several thousand customers,
a high percentage of loyal customers,
a large warehouse of equipment and consumables in Perm,
authorization of employees and the Center itself from the world's leading equipment manufacturers,
the presence of a dispatch service for regular customers,
a small 5% discount is enhanced by promotional programs and promotions from manufacturers - a year of warranty, replacement of the old device with a new one, compensation for the installation of heating equipment, etc.

Expanding analytics: adding call tracking to web site
We turned on Callibri multitracking after the first week of tests. A simple and convenient system, does not require special knowledge from a marketer.

One statistical phone number was indicated on web site and incoming calls were listened to daily. that is how we:
understood the needs of web site visitors,
new target sub-segments have been identified, such as Permians temporarily residing in other million-plus cities; secretaries looking for a company to repair office air conditioners and ready for permanent maintenance; owners of expensive cottages interested in comprehensive maintenance of ventilation and heating systems.
It turned out that the Service Center has an excellent support department — the managers are polite and identified the problems of callers in 5 minutes, one of the callers even left a review about saving on the service due to such communication. Therefore, at the stage of communication with the manager, the leads were not lost.

Also, Multitracking made it possible to identify a certain type of spare parts that need to be kept in stock in order to promptly respond to the requests of regular and new customers. The detail is small, but it can become an anchor for the transition of the consumer to the status of a regular customer.