How to see if website is blocked or not?

Started by Sedfinder, Jul 27, 2022, 05:34 AM

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SedfinderTopic starter

Which are the ways to quickly check if a website is available from all countries or not? Regular monitoring does not always show accurate information, a site can be opened from a DC server, while not from a home provider)) Sites are foreign, not mine

Second question, how will the link purchasing from blocked site work? Will it work on the GEO where the website is available? Won't work at all? What to do with already purchased links that ended up on blocked websites, continue to pay for their rent or rent?


It also happens that one provider has a website in the block - the other has everything ok.
I would not be in a hurry to remove links, you need to wait a while and give site owners the opportunity to transfer sites to another hosting provider.

Lucas Babcock

To test the accessibility of a site, you can use online resources that determine the accessibility of a site. I recommend this -,a%20selected%20period%20of%20time.
In addition, to find out if sites are available from which countries and if all pages are available, you can use thinner software. I use . There is a free trial period. It determines availability in over 25 countries across all pages.

If the site is blocked only for entering from a certain region (not for which promotion is taking place), then this will not have an effect, however, if the site is blocked, or you are targeting the same GEO where the blocking occurs, then such links will not be taken into account by the algorithms.


There are many different services that will help you check the availability of website from any geo point. Some of these services allow you to check availability not only on a national scale, but also on the scale of a specific city of some state.

Services that allow you to monitor the availability of the website: