Is it worth buying databases for getting links

Started by esparkinfo, Aug 16, 2022, 01:56 AM

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A few years ago, when... On the one hand, link ranking promoted cool (optimizers bought links and went to the first places), and on the other hand, the industrial production of satellites was a profitable business (owners of non-commercial sites could earn)... bases for running (for getting links to your website for free)...

So, I've been in the subject since those very times. And that's what I can say about the bases (at least purchased, at least thrown out for free).

After cleaning the databases from sites with external links:
are closed with the rel="nofollow" attribute
closed with "noindex"
placed on pages inaccessible to search bots (only registered users can see links there after logging in)
placed on pages that are not allowed to be indexed through the robots.txt file (many forums do this for profile pages)
implemented through a redirect (for example
cunningly turn into a pumpkin through instructions in the .htaccess file (Apache settings file that cannot be viewed on someone else's site)

After thorough cleaning, any "selective" the base becomes up to 90 percent smaller.
And it is not profitable for sellers to clean anything, because:
- this is a lot of work, which is not all amenable to automation
- a super-duper cattle base from 100600 million sites will turn into a miserable 1700 or even 170

So is it worth buying bases for running
Yes. But with an adjustment for all the sadness. :laugh:
If the run is performed automatically, then there is no point in cleaning the database from garbage.


I stopped using the databases probably in 2017. Then I ordered a run to my site. There was a sharp jump in the reference mass.
From 400 links has grown to 3-4 thousand.

But after a couple of months, the links began to fly out of the index, and the website began to slide into the SEs. The customer (on some website he took a run on their database) offered to run the site several more times on other databases (even a discount of 10 or 30% was given).


It may have been easier before, but now donors need to be carefully filtered - by the similarity of topics, by the absence of filters and over spam, by the amount of natural traffic.
Now all these runs through the DBs are like a dead poultice and do not give any practical benefit.


The best way to get eternal links is not to buy them on services. Consider catalogs and directories of organizations as one of the sources
Links from the directories of organizations still work and the more of them, the better!
Directories give web site a thematic index, which helps search engines to select an audience, and keywords are also attracted from directories.
As for the PR, and Trust of web  site, placement in directories has an impact on these indicators and registration in them is considered mandatory for every offline business (and not only).

In addition to the reference mass itself, the directories themselves have good attendance and the organization cards themselves drop out in the search, which will increase your audience coverage.
A good source of reference mass are thematic resources from which targeted transitions to your web site will take place, behavioral factors are no less important for the site itself — this is what directly affects the site authority.