Is it worth creating another SEO blog?

Started by SIROTA, Sep 09, 2022, 06:12 AM

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Good day to all. Since long ago I thought about creating my own blog. Under-theme for the blog, I chose the ironclad seo-blogging. That is, on their project, I wanted to explain to readers in accessible language in which ways you can succeed in promoting your site. Well, in general, such projects wagon and a small cart. The advantage is that I made my own cms under the blog. And planned to create a branch where I will be free to give it away and lead support this product. And to dilute the articles with some events from my life. Basically a typical blog.
Here is the question. Having recently monitored quite popular seo-blogs, I realized that the traffic they have particularly not. 2-3k maximum of what I saw. What do you think, is it worth creating another blog with similar themes?

Thanks in advance for taking the time to read my post :)
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Quote from: SIROTA on Sep 09, 2022, 06:12 AMWhat do you think, is it worth creating another blog with similar themes?

If the initial stage is already asking this question, I think you should not.
To lead a blog of this kind and interest readers, you must have a great desire.


See for yourself - the topic is very exploited, a lot of old resources, with good material and reputation. Not profitable - except, of course, how to determine this profitability.

You have enough time now, and then who knows ... and where will you take the materials? - Something new to say is difficult, even with your own considerable experience - all aspects are covered many times, and from different angles.

Such resources become profitable in life, - when a person is not for the money, but simply because he wants to and is comfortable, - and sometimes it happens that the situation is good for some money.

Of course, you could exploit the brand name owl and other boosters, - only, it's all unrealistic from the standpoint of making money, imho.

For a living can pay attention to franchises or mediation in the implementation of airline tickets, coupons, goods, etc. - realistic, understandable, measurable and optimal - if for profit.



And you for the earnings or for the soul? :) This is important.
Because if it's for the money, it's not the option.  :D
It's always worth creating something new. If it does not go as you would like, you can sell on telderi.
And there are plenty of subtopics to choose from on seo.
But personally, I would not do a seo blog, even if you untwist then there is a limit, it is not particularly big, you just need to live it, to be a seo specialist specifically, and not just keep a blog. Here I am, - not a SEO.


The field of blogging on SEO issues is now in a state of dwindling trend, this is what many Gurus say for the past two years. If the opinion leaders have falling traffic, then the newcomer should not go here, it will be unprofitable, long and hard, because it will be necessary to build from scratch and develop your brand.
If for the soul - do it, and give a link. We would love to read about your discoveries. :)


In order for a SEO blog to start promoting your site, you must first promote the blog itself. Mention it on other pages of the site, post links to it in your brand's social media accounts.
One of the most effective ways to attract attention is to write a guest article on one of the other popular blogs of your subject. Not only will you be able to attract a new audience in this way, you will also be able to additionally appeal to search engines. Google has a positive attitude to resources mentioned on authoritative web sites, and also help them to become more authoritative.

The return of SEO blogging on your site will not appear immediately, you will have to wait a few months before there is tangible progress in the growth of the site's audience.
But when this happens, all efforts should pay off with a vengeance: the publications you have created can be at the top of the search results for years and attract more and more new visitors. And then you will see that the promotion of the site with the help of content is quite real.