Is it worth creating now a website / blog ?

Started by richtedy, Jul 22, 2022, 07:51 AM

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richtedyTopic starter

a question for those who already have their own site or blog.
Is it worth creating a site or blog at the present time?

I am concerned about the fact that now this may no longer be relevant.
Theme: Overview of games, game novelties + various additions to games and gadgets that relate to them.

Is it possible to get an audience on this?
It just seems to me that now if somebody needs to know something about the game or something else, you can just enter YouTube and they will show you and you won't have to strain, reading or watching something, etc.


A weblog with games review is most likely not relevant.
Here you need to look towards some community (social network or forum), where they ask many questions (about passing, for example) and there is activity. It is very difficult to unwind such a colossus, and the investment will cost a pretty money.
You can make a weblog if you are developing games, post your work there and give advices.


I agree that blog about games more relevant as a social media page rather than a website. Plus it is easier and cheaper. Do a quick research about the audience on game-sites and some media-platforms so it is more clear what is more relevant.

Edison Duncan

Web blogging, which is dedicated to reviews of games, gadgets and hardware, is no longer as relevant as it was 5-7 years ago, but not everything is so bad.
If you want to maintain such a site, you need to understand that digital content outperforms text content - this means that in addition to text, you will need to create a video, which means additional expenses.
If you want to conduct purely blogging that is dedicated to games, then you need to pour over all the topics, similar to the roots - guides and manuals are best sold (again, Google trends will help you).