Is the hierarchy of website structure mandatory?

Started by DenPavlov, Aug 03, 2022, 05:34 AM

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Is the hierarchy of website structure mandatory?
It is more convenient for me to make a website without a hierarchy.

Those. instead of:

I want to make:
(on the general page /blog links to articles)

With hierarchy or without hierarchy to make a blog, it will not affect anything negatively in terms of SEO?


There is no one-size-fits-all answer to that question)) Since these pages feel the same in the search.
There are rumors on the Internet that ending a link with .html is better, search engines will recognize it as a full-fledged document, and all that. But now, Google has facial recognition technology. It is unlikely that he will not be able to evaluate a page with a regular link as a full-fledged document.

Today everyone is leaning towards the first option (without an ending), because, in any case, it removes extra characters from the URL, which, in fact, are useless.


Why Site Structure is important for SEO:
There are several critically important aspects in which the structure of the site affects the visibility and promotion of your site.

Search engines work in the interests of users. The ranking of web sites in search engines is directly related to how user-friendly these sites are. Any page should be in no more than three clicks, and transitions between pages should be clear and obvious — which is what the logical structure of the site provides.
The better the usability of your site, the easier it is for search robots to crawl your web pages.

Search engines take into account the entire structure. Although search results are generated at the page level, Google is able to assess the page's place in the overall structure of web site; and the easier it is for search robots to do this, the better.
Technical optimization is doomed to failure without a well-thought-out structure.
The site layout is extremely important for technical SEO — especially for the efficiency of scanning and indexing.

The structure makes the site understandable for search engines and simplifies the scanning process. A logically constructed structure and linking optimizes the crawling budget — the number of pages that the search robot can scan at a given time.
But keep in mind that the crawling budget also depends on the scale of web site, regardless of its clarity.
A good structure covers the semantics of the site and competently distributes the content according to different user intents (search intentions).