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Started by Novel Web Solution, Jul 19, 2022, 04:01 AM

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The filter url is generated from the product description.
There are three options.


First option: url cms generates by default, but I don't like that krossovki najk are separated by a slash, it seems like 2 sections are krossovki and najk
The second option: if you substitute the separator "_", then after the extreme characteristic an extra sign "_" is placed
The third option: if without a separator, then the characteristics in the link are together.

I'm leaning towards the second option, an extra "_" sign at the end of the trash, of course ...

How will the first or third option will be liked by SEs, who thinks about this?


I know that Google's official answer is that they don't care.

Older programmers insisted on underscores in filenames, because of some peculiarities of ancient unix systems, and because the my_page.html page
Since this is a real file my_page.html for the system, then underscores were used in the URLs.
But here's the "For" hyphen, I haven't heard any good arguments.


It's really simple. Let's say we have an online store for 30,000 products. And website is hosted on Beatrix, Photoshop or some other popular engine. So after laying out all these 30,000 products in the engine settings, turn on the Clean URL. You will not edit every Clean URL of the product. Isn't that right?
As a result, you will have awfully long URLs in the engine. And these awfully long URLs are obtained for all products.
This will happen automatically.
We can say that it is possible to shorten these URLs, but let's not deceive ourselves — No one will shorten these URLs.
Just in the engine settings, you have the choice to display as a Clean URL or without. And if you display in the Clean URL, then you get such long URLs.
Of course, this is not in all cases, but in most. I approached this problem globally, and many of you locally.

In most site development studios (or rather, 99.998%), sites are made with Clean URL and no one gives a shit whether there will be long URLs or not. So you can not get to this problem, but simply do not put the Clean URL and display the URLs in the usual version.
That's what the post was about. Please don't give me an example of Joomla and other shit engines.
In general, it makes absolutely no difference for the promotion in what form your URLs will be presented. So why initially do such a hemorrhoid?