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Started by Popandopulos, Sep 07, 2022, 12:34 PM

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The website contains approximately 100 articles of informational nature. The decision has been made to enhance and expand the primary site. To achieve this, Google, Bing, Yahoo and Lyfinternet counters have been established.


Continuing the discussion about metalworking machines, I suggest the following algorithm:

Step 1 involves gathering relevant clues related to the topic at hand. These clues are then clustered in Step 2. In Step 3, a comprehensive term of reference is prepared that outlines all the information necessary for writing a text for specific keywords within the cluster. This includes the volume of text, targeted keywords, and recommendations for the Title, H1 tags, etc. Once all these steps are completed, we can wait for the index and enjoy the resulting benefits.

One can use various services available online to simplify this process. For instance, offers a convenient way to achieve the desired results with just a few clicks. I wish you good luck with your endeavors!


When creating a new page on your website, you must fill in the Title and Description fields which relate to the technical settings of the site necessary for proper display in search engines. These fields, when filled with the right keywords, can help increase sales. The task of each page is to communicate the right message to the audience and improve conversions. Adding the relevant keyword to the URL of the page using transliteration, as well as integrating keywords into alt tags and page text, can also help attract the target audience.

To effectively use these techniques, one must pay attention to basic rules when writing SEO texts. Furthermore, every element of a page should have some benefit and integrate keywords to attract the target audience. Lastly, following a webinar on how to scale a business using Internet marketing and business intelligence tools could be helpful for those interested.


How to add keywords for SEO?
Adding keywords for SEO
Step 1 - Brainstorm a list. To start, create a list of keywords people might be searching for to find sites like yours. ...
Step 2 - Refine the list. Use the list that you created in Step 1 to figure out which keywords to prioritize. ...
Step 3 - Add keywords to your site. ...
Step 4 - Track results.


To enhance your website, start by conducting keyword research to find relevant, high-volume keywords. Incorporate these keywords naturally into your existing and new content. Monitor your website's performance using the established counters and SEO tools to identify areas of improvement. Regularly update and optimize your content based on this data to increase visibility on search engines.