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Started by Alekset, Jul 03, 2022, 06:53 AM

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Friends! Do you know that SEM and SEO are not separate disciplines? In fact, these are two sides of the same coin, programs that complement each other, the correct work with which gives a double effect on promoting the site you need. SEO and SEM technology teams will be shared.


In fact, these are two sides of the same coin, programs that complement each other, the correct work with which can give a double effect on promoting the desired site.

For example, banner advertising ("pay per click" or PPC) has a great effect on SEO indicators, and well-chosen queries for natural search and "click maps" can and should be used in contextual advertising, where the price of popular phrases can reach astronomical amounts.


SEO is the optimization of a site to increase positions in search engine results. Ideally, to get into the TOP 10. That happens by creating useful and interesting content, maintaining the constant interest of customers and search engines.
SEM is search engine marketing by buying ads. These may be search engine platforms or social networks that have their own nuances and require different approaches to setting up advertising.

If we consider SEO and SEM at the same time, the difference is as follows: search engine promotion significantly increases the chances that a client will see a link to your resource when entering a query of interest.
And search marketing works with a generated query, leads to a site of ready-to-buy customers. That is, SEO optimization is one of the strategies of Internet marketing.

Each method has its own characteristics:

Website optimization for search engines is universal for any topic, covers a large audience, consolidates the positions won for a long time and is more affordable. But it will take about six months before the first profit is received.
Search engine marketing allows you to see real sales from the first day of the ad display, has flexible settings (announcements of promotions, seasonal sales). But when advertising is disabled, attendance drops sharply, and not all products are allowed to advertise.
So what is the power? The power is in cooperation.
Each tool has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, when launching the website, these two methods synchronize, managing the parameters depending on the customer's goals and the specifics of the business. For instance, when opening an online store selling bouquets on the eve of a women's holiday, an advertising campaign is necessarily launched. And after the peak demand falls, they systematically earn points due to optimization.

The choice of the means of promotion is always up to the customer. But before you do it, you should study the market, really estimate the budget, choose a contractor you can trust.