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Started by Popandopulos, Sep 05, 2022, 08:04 AM

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Hello, dear local people.
I have a website for the sale of metalworking machines.
Need texts for it, but I do not know how many? For example, how many characters on the main page, how many keywords will be optimal to take? (Ie, the ratio of text length / length of keywords).
How to distribute the keywords, and how much H2 to use? I would be grateful if you point me to thematic resources!
Thank you in advance. )))


Depends on what you need.
SEO text from 2000k characters,
LSi text, from 10k desirable.
Just a description of at least 1500 characters, but usually less than 2k do not do.
Klyuchevikov for seo no more than 2 keys to 1k. characters.
For lsi, there are no keys are not used, it's more important literate entering all the words on the meaning.
H2 used as subheadings, subtopic - text, subtopic - text, etc., put as much as necessary.

A lot of information can be found on the Internet, but everyone will have their own opinion, so focus on any exact number is not worth it.


Look at the top 10 competitors, do 10-20% more. Keys look services, as well as competitors look. The structure of the article is made when there are already keywords, there will be seen how many H2-H3 you need.

-DM-, In LSI - keys are not used? Seriously?

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Well, I need the text to be as attractive as possible for both search engines and users. Plus the technical details did not strain too much. Such a "golden mean", if, of course, this is possible. :)


It all depends on the SEO semantic core, so without it you can not say that to be happy - 2k or more than 200k. We're dancing on the available semantics, in short.

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Quote from: Ronny on Sep 05, 2022, 11:33 AMrvices, as well as competitors look
At 10-20% more text for me to write? Pour some water in it, right? Can you please recommend some "keyword" services?
I'll send you a link to the site in a "personal message", take a look, okay?

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I looked at GoogleTrends, I was not impressed.


You have:
Title: HARSLE | Manufacturer of metalworking presses and machines.
And you say : Have a website for the sale of metalworking machines.
So the Title should be: "Production and sale of metal presses and machine tools.
The site description should also be optimized.
Missing or hidden:
XML sitemap.
There are a lot of things that need to be changed on the site.
Redo robots completely.

If you will stick the keys in this form, nothing good will come out, you will only have in the text the word "buy"
It's in the discription you write: "Buy stamping presses, guillotine shears, press brake from the company" Vasya upkin.
The text itself on the main page - look at the competition, under each product group should be a landing page, buy guillotine shears - a separate page with a normal text, which describes what they use, what are they, all that stuff, and your products. - search engine cues (google) - also search engine cues...
well, and there are 20,000 others...

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Thank you very much! A copywriter told me this today: "There should be 4 headlines per 6,000 characters, with high-frequency occurrences. These same headings must occur in the text at least once in different cases. Total density should not exceed 15% of the volume. Spamming - well, about 50-55%, in general, not in the red zone. What do you think about it?

Are there such services where I can learn from competitors what keywords, or their density?


What can I say, you need to look at how competitors have done, and from this start. Well, you make a test for the main 6-7-10 to characters, and shove it all the keys, such as - buy this, buy what - I do not know what, good from this will not work. For what query you actually want to promote the main page?
I recommend that for the main leave brand traffic and focus on promoting the product pages.
And recommendations for writing articles, their volume and density of keywords should give you SEO specialist, not a copywriter who knows, because he did so.

Competitor keys - go to the exchange in the Commercial sections - Work for the Webmaster - SEO services, here for example, the key competitors in search and context, for 1 site can be found from $ 1.

Promotion of the main - yes, harsle - making and selling .......
Buying links 50% for the main - anchors 50% harsle, the rest here, here.

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Well, if I want to do it myself?)) By the way how much do you think it costs to pay for the text? Just on the stock exchange offer $15 per 1000 characters, and I think it's absurd.