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Started by Bukvarix, Jun 25, 2022, 03:25 AM

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BukvarixTopic starter

Hi there, I own a website that was getting 20-30 daily traffic. The traffic dropped suddenly.
Suggest me best techniques to improve ranking and gain traffic


There are various methods for improving keyword ranking but these factors are very important for Optimizing your Search Engines.

1. Improve Website Health by Optimizing Technical Issues
2. URL Structure Optimization
3. Meta Tags Optimization
4. Content Optimization for an Important Landing Pages
5. Quality Link Building to Generate Backlinks


It all depends on whether you need targeted visitors or any - to raise the rating. If the latter, then there is nothing complicated - just order in some BUXes, informing the required visit time or on any resource that deals with this.

If you need targeted, interested visitors, it's more difficult. To attract targeted visitors, it may be worth thinking about contextual advertising and it will cost an order of magnitude more.
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Mendook Vilno

I wouldn't be so critical. I am more inclined to the fact that the whole system of search engineering (SE) is divided into: SEO, SEM and SEA.
SEO acts as a website or portal optimization to increase its ranking in the eyes of the search engine.
SEM uses similar tools, but its goal is already the end consumer, so the goal of SEM is to increase conversions.
SEA (Search Engine Advertising))is already acting as a sub-tool for SEM. SEA is used to optimize a Google adwords or social media campaign. From this we can say that if you need to increase the rank and importance of the site in the search engine, then do SEO, if you want to increase traffic and conversion - SEM, but if you need to reduce "empty" clicks - work with SEA.
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Use original images in your blog content
It's no secret that multimedia, such as infographics, embedded videos and screenshots, can improve your SEO strategy and make your content more attractive and interesting.
However, Google may prefer to rank pages with original multimedia.

Write original meta descriptions
Meta descriptions are an element of content optimization on a page that many people overlook.

That is probably because meta descriptions are a bit old-fashioned compared to more recent on-page SEO strategies such as key web aspects and semantic SEO. And Google often rewrites descriptions in search results.

As a result, it turns out that meta descriptions are still very relevant. In particular, a well-written meta description can improve your web site's clickability index (CTR).

In some cases, an increase in CTR can lead to a significant increase in organic traffic — without the need to increase the ranking in Google.

Make changes to inefficient pages
If your site has been around for a while, you probably have a few pages that aren't working as well as they should. And you will have pages that were ranked earlier, but started to decline.

Identifying and correcting these pages is one of the fastest ways to improve your keyword ranking on Google. Especially when you consider that it can take from five to ten hours to create, write, edit and publish completely new content.
On the other hand, improving and updating an inefficient page can take from 30 minutes to an hour.

Increase the interaction time of your page
Google's recently updated document "How Search Works" confirms that the company uses "aggregated and anonymized interaction data to assess the compliance of search results with queries."
In other words, Google measures how users interact with search results and takes these user interaction signals into account when it comes to Google rankings. These engagement metrics may include bounce rate, number of pages per session, and session duration.