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Started by allricjohnson, Aug 15, 2022, 11:08 AM

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Hi. I'm working in SEO for 6 years already. In order to help newbies or experienced I want to start this topic.

I'm lucky to answer your personal questions about seo promotion, social marketing, seo tools, link-building etc
Try to ask shortly but meaningful, add link to your site for analysis.

Please, don't ask me just to make full analysis, concrete questions are welcome

Will try to answer asap, order by asking time.


Forums are like social mixers, where everyone is at equal level, milling about and discussing with others.
Blogs are like a keynote speech where the speaker (blogger) is in control of the discussion, but allows questions and comments from the audience.
what is best tool to check Google, Bing and Yahoo keywords Ranking?


SEO is always a evergreen field & there is never an end for this in the upcoming future until there is an danger to computers.
The goal for search engine optimization is to get traffic for business and develop our business. This simply means that search engine optimization's goal is to make a website appear on the first pages, SEO creates popularity, you get high return on investment through SEO.
I want my site to the top within 2 weeks with one keyword , then how please. With the unfortunate website backlink is attacked by evil, how to prevent , sir .


Thanks for the favor I have a question that is PPC reall helpful??
I read many SEO articles to the top .. but what is the purpose of seo? mostly for sale. So try to ask why the company did not have class on top .. just 50- 100 but they still sell. please help me.
HTML Errors on website can affect SEO ranking?



Hi, I am new at SEO marketing. I want to about SEO tools.
Could you please let me know which Tools I can use. Is it possible to do seo of a keyword which is related to webmaster niche, if I do only forum posting?
1.  Is no-follow link good for a website or not ?
2.  What is RSS Feeds and Cross Linking?


I am also new to SEO. Right now working with an e-commerce website. Can anyone suggest me a good weekly or daily package of SEO that I can initiate?
How to rank up website fast? Which is a best and effective technique. I am working on Article submission, Forum posting, blog posting and classified posting , is there any other technique that will boost my website's SERP? Additonally, Don't forget about how powerful StumbleUpon and Reddit can be. As they are devoted to showing off other websites, they often drive more traffic than other social sharing websites. You should make a plan of optimisation. Choose several search requests for analysing and according to landing pages. Do step #, look positions after google updates the page. If positions in scope are better - go further, if not look for the reason. Try these tactics.

What if i start doing SEO today for a website which has been in existence since 1999 how much time it will take it to rank. The keyword is not too much competitive.