Should I buy articles from Web Archive?

Started by span4bob, Aug 18, 2022, 01:00 AM

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span4bobTopic starter

Got information about the web archive. So I understand these are articles from remote websites. Articles are sold for pennies. Uniqueness is guaranteed by 90 - 100%.

Took a couple out of curiosity. The uniqueness really matches. One is 100%, the other is 94%.

What is your opinion on whether these articles are worth using? You can also take in batches. How will the search engines react to that case? It is clear that info must be up-to-date. In topics where there is no statute of limitations.

Yesterday I only learned about web archive, I looked in the archive on the service there for some topics of thousands of articles.


I would not recommend posting that articles, since they have already been published and are not, in fact, unique. Somewhere later yes the original source will emerge. No wonder they sell them for pennies.

Generally that articles from the web archive are not accepted by search engines. Well, as for me, you can try to dilute the website occasionally, provided that the article is up-to-date and, as an option, make changes and additions to the articles ... Well, these are just my guesses, I myself have never published from web archive and I am of the opinion that this is superfluous waste of money and time.